Little or no connectivity but shows that the modem is connected? What?

Having a simple problem.

I have a laptop that I usually run on a wi-fi connection. Well, for the first time ever last night I just tried to hook it up directly to cable modem and I can’t get anything.

The system acknowledges that the modem is there (it tells me what speed it’s running at) but I hit mozilla and get nothing.

“Little or no connectivity” is what it’s giving me. Can anybody help me out?

Go into start->run then type cmd

then in the command prompt box type ipconfig

copy and paste what it says there.

Here are the basics of what I do when I have that problem.

  1. Unplug modem and router and wait for about a minute
  2. Plug in router first, let it do it’s thing, then about 20 secons later plug in router
  3. Plug laptop into a free port on the router
  4. If you still have the problem, you should see a little bubble on the lower right hand corner, which I guess was showing you “little to no connectivity”. If you right click on that, and select “repair” that usually takes care of alot of problems.
  5. I these steps don’t work, you can go to Start > Run > cmd/enter > type ipconfig /release > then when it finishes type ipconfig /renew. For some strange reason this tends to take care of alot of problems with my router. Hopefully this works for you.

I don’t have a router, but I have a feeling that will work.

If that doesnt work.
open cmd(assuming xp) if its vista right click on command prompt, and open as admin.

then type
netsh int ip reset
then reset the computer

when it resets open command again and type
netsh winsock reset
then reboot

That should resolve any issues.

Well, it wouldn’t renew the ip. Then I got the idea, that if I turned off the modem, it would resend it and the computer would automatically renew it at that point.

It worked.

Thanks for the advice, all of you. :wink: