Little problem with BGM_SELECT.csb


Hello guy’s
Im news here, im sorry for my bad language, i am French,
so i will try to expose you as best i can my problem.

I have Ultra street fighter 4 , and i try to apply some mods.
and i have a little trouble with one of them. It’s about the remplacement of the musique in the caractere select screen, (in versus select mode i think??? )
so i take this file : “Classic SF2 Chara Select Music Replacement (credit: mizzclick)”
(i dont know if i can put a link here)
and it is a BGM_SELECT.csb file.
so the problem is that in first they dont explain where to put this file exactly,
so i try to find the good way, and iv found just this path:
"Ultra street fighter IV/resource/ui/sound/bgm"
and i replace the one who are inside…
but the problem is that change absolutly nothing…
so, i get crazy (lol) becose i dont understand why …
maybe they another path were to put it…

i remember on the “arcade edition” it was working, but not perfectly ( in arcade mode they was perfect and the music started when u apear in the select character screen, but in versus, when u enter in the select character screen, nothing append, no music began, and when u cntinue and go in the select stage screen, this music starte…

so im little lost, i woudlike realy find the way to put the fabulous music of original street fighter 2 in the select character in versus mode…
maybe it is not possible at all… is why i came to yu, the most biggest community i found n internet who play to “custom and modd” this magnific game…

so could someone help me to see most nicely wat problem i have ???

and again, excuse me fr my very poor english
(i hope also not be out the rules of the forum)

thanks :slight_smile:


Nowane ??