Little question about the McCthulhu and two pcbs


I have my old Sanwa original pcb which is disconnected from everything except the common ground cable which is soldered, since I don’t want to unsolder right now, I’d have to cut the piece of common ground going to it (it’s at an end so it doesn’t matter). What I’m wondering is if I can connect my recently bought SparkCE ground cable (which comes from the 5 pin harness I just got too) to a second GND screw terminal in the McCthulhu independently of the common ground one.

The image is horrorific but, well, lol.


Ground is Ground is Ground.
There is not difference.


Ok, beyond the set-in-stone technical definitions, my simple question is if there is any problem with having the common ground cable and the 5 pin harness ground cable connected at the same time each one to one GND screw terminal independently.


I will buy you a new SparkCE or new Arcade Stick plus give extra $50.
I will do that if something wrong happens when you follow what you asked.


Ok, so I can. How about this: my original sanwa pcb is still connected to the common ground cable (to take it out I’d have to cut the cable or unsolder) which is connected to one GND screw terminal. ¿Can I still connect the SparkCE with the 5 pin harness’ ground cable independently of it to the second GND screw terminal without fear, or would something happen in this case?.


If the Ground wire that you cut is hanging free.
Make sure to insulate it, so it will not short anything.