Little Rock Bar Battles - Full Results!


Here are the full results for all games! Thanks to everyone that came and participated.

SSFIV: Arcade Edition
1: Barfur
2: Crazy Clown LOL
3: Chuvy
4: Handsome Blanton
5: Obeezy2012
5: ARK SolidxPanda
7: Zohta
7: Chris Brown- Negro Justice
9: KinetiK
9: Rockee
9: ARK SmokeMaxX
13: Smallpoxblanket
13: BG Mattiikus
13: Integra
13: Pkrstdnt
17: T-Streets
17: Dlimit
17: Strik
17: Toucan
17: Mel Bipson
17: Cliet
17: Meximelt
17: Lan Ditz
25: Zbeast
25: Cheaps Ahoy
25: Terre Smith
25: Tenindo
25: Spoony
25: Philip Lee
25: Supwichu
25: Sangster
33: Jorge Milchor
33: Myles Damon
33: Poco
33: AyoJae
33: Politank-Z
33: Sensible rug
49: Don

1: Noah
2: GBS Giovanni
3: young
4: Supwichu
5: Warden
5: misfit
7: shinblade
7: Jofo
9: Barfur
9: Seel
9: B-Delicious
9: Zohta
13: Cliet
13: Sangster
13: Sebastian Nguyen
13: HS DeeZee
17: Meximelt
17: HS Keys
17: Tenindo
17: XPLiCiT
17: ARK SmokeMaxX
17: tylerwoodz
17: AyoJae
17: GLH3
25: BG Mattikus
25: Poco
25: zbt afromh
25: Sensible rug
25: D FC
25: Dovahkiin

1: Shinblade
2: Zbeast
3: Chuvy
4: KinetiK
5: GBS Giovanni
5: Smallpoxblanket
7: Lan Di
7: Chris Brown- Negro Justice
9: ZBT AfroMH
9: Sensible rug
9: Warden
9: Haruhi-ism10
13: Politank-Z
13: Meximelt

1: shinblade
2: Meximelt
3: Seel
4: Tylerwoodz
5: Supwichu
5: Blaq And Mild
7: flacko
7: keys
9: tenindo
9: sensible rug
9: Pkrstdnt
9: S1th666
13: GLH3

1: Unicorns ‘R’ Us
2: Regi Bravo
3: Dirty South Swat
4: 501 Boys
5: Regi Alpha
5: Team 501
7: 501 Fuck Me

I’ll have shoutouts later! I’m too tired to type them all out!


Great event, the tournament was fun and run really well. I didn’t do as well as I hoped in AE and choked majorly in some matches but oh well shit happens. Shoutouts to everyone I played in tournament and casuals, you guys got a great scene. I’ll be in there for ARK V whenever it happens. Hitbox army!


Good shit to everyone who made it out. Nice to see everyone again.
Shout Outs to:

  • Noah for the hype Grand Finals. If I can, I’m going to try to make it out to the tournament this weekend so I can get that runback.
  • To Young for being the other Trish in top 3. I love me some Trish.
  • ShinBlade for putting in work at KOF and showing me how King should be played.
  • Sebastian for the ride there.
  • Crazyclown for the OCV in the ARK v OK 5v5; making the ARFGN SFIV division look free.
  • The entire poverty crew since we had to kick it in the “closet” but still had mad fun until they dropped our set up count from 3 to 1 lol.
  • Ian, Andy and the rest of the BoomGorilla’s team for bringing in their GDLK setup. I love that; makes me want to move to Dallas even more now so I can try to get in on that lol.
  • Chuvy for being Chuvy.
  • Everybody who entered KOF. I want that game to grow more in the south.
  • Panda for the hype event that actually ended on time.
  • Sam for the venue.
  • Everybody in the ARFGN for holding it down in a state that people still for some reason don’t know we have a scene that is growing stronger by the day.
  • And of course, everyone from OK, TX, and Tenn for making it down for the event.


Yo real talk kof was the must fun for me even though i trolled through two matches with my scrubby kyo. Shout outs to hd overheads for the win


shoutouts/thanks to panda for letting us crash at his place and hosting a great tourney

sorry we couldn’t say our goodbyes face to face ('cause we wanted to get home asap)

to gio, i’ll be ready for ya next time- count on it.

well… maybe not if you’re going to killeen 'cause my stick’s still broken but some time whenever it’s fixed!

to noah: i’ll see you on tuesday i guess(??)


Shoutouts to 6GB of video to upload. FML!


Thanks for the good times guys. This tournament was awesome - you’ve come a long way from hosting tournaments in a remodeled restaurant, lol.

Noah - congrats on the win, thanks for the casuals. I have been sleeping on Dante, but not anymore.

Supwichu - glad we got some good matches in before the tourney, but now I think it might have been a mistake, lol. Great to play with you again anyways.

Everybody else - GGs, I had a blast. Thanks for letting me know how fraudulent my KOF is.


WTH Mike 9th? Have you not been practicing or something?

I didn’t realize y’alls events had so many people. Give me a heads up next time Panda and I will try and make it if there’s not another major/con that weekend.


I told you about it! Mike’s really rusty. To give you an idea of how long the guy has actually played, I’ve had his Xbox for the past 2 months or so, lol.


I know you told me, but I’m really busy and can’t start traveling until March. I’ll be able to go wherever after that though as long as I’m not scheduled to attend another event that weekend.


I agree, had we not played those matches before the tourney, I’m sure I would have lost to you in the tourney.


Thus why I didn’t play casuals against people who I thought were a threat to me in the tournament.


Good shit guys. It was fun.