Little secretes you've learned*(also how to easly beat a spammy seth)

ITT post at least one little weird property of gief

for example

did you know it takes VONE VAN VONLY VONE headbutt to stun seth IF he is extending his arms in the air. This is ridiculously practical and turns the entire match in gief’s favor because a vertical jump immidate headbutt right out of the arms range will KILL seth, also one more awesome thing about this

this particular stun doesn’t count towards a combo

meaning if you have your super meter is is practically a one hit kill for seth

ho sh*t

Sorry Brah! Common knowledge round deez parts. :grrr:

i didn’t know :frowning: at distance where abel likes to wheel kick will kick him right out of air

I love the thread title.

Little secretes.

I rubbed a little secrete out just now.



hahahahahahahaha Ren is too good.

st. mk stuffs rufus C. hp most of the time (in training only, noone plays rufus online against me???)ryu,ryu,ryu zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…