Little Spice Thai Cuisine Offline Events

What good all SFIV gamers. This is OffStein, a newly addition to the SFIV community. Now that that’s been taken care of, let’s get straight to the point. The point of post is to inform all SFIV gamers that effective around April or May 2009, I will be hosting SFIV offline tournaments. These tournaments are bound to take place at “Little Spice Thai Cuisine”, a thai restaurant located in Hanover, MD. My goal is to have these tournaments held every Sunday (time has not yet been determined), either weekly or monthly. Included in one’s travel must be $20 for the venue fee, and $10 for the entry fee. Keep in mind that these fees are subject to change, so don’t starting planning just yet. There will be payout percentages, but these percentages have not been determined yet.
What I’m simply doing is throwing an idea out to the SFIV community. Many crave for more SFIV offline action, so I’m simply giving the SFIV community a chance to tell me how they would feel about gaming events, casual offline play, as well as major offline tournaments, being held at this location. The strength of this post will be determined by those who are willing to show or support. I simply ask that all SFIV hardcore gamers would reply to this post and honestly express their take about having yet another location in the East Coast for major offline action.
Below will be contact info that one can use to gather specifics about the location or simply the restaurant itself. Do keep in mind that Little Spice Thai Cuisine will have no involvement with this event until further update from this post. Don’t let this stop you from posting whether you will or will not be able to until these events at this location in the future, once this location is up and fully running, on Sundays, for major gaming events. As I stated before, the strength of this post will be determined by those SFIV gamers who are willing to support what could possibly turn out to be a huge success for gaming action. With that being said, I also leave it up to you guys to determine the games that would be popular for hosting, besides SFIV (Soul Calibur IV, Dead or Alive 4, Virtual Fighter 5, etc). I’ll also leave it up to you guys to inform me of whether these events should be hosted every Sunday, weekly or monthly (once every month). The updates are coming my friends. I’m just giving yall a heads up, as well as notifying you guys that effective around April or May 2009, things are expected to began.
For those who play on Xbox Live, feel free to message me on the matter. My gamertag is “OffStein”. My PSN is also, “OffStein”, but I’m currently working on getting a new PS3. I’m more so looking forward to replies for this post, so feel free to ask question, and most importantly, give me your take about major offline events being consistently hosted on the East Coast. I thank you all for you time. Best of skill to all SFIV games. ~OffStein

                                                     Little Spice Thai Cuisine
                                                         1350 Dorsey Road
                                                        Hanover, MD 21076

Game: Street Fighter IV

Other games will soon follow. Updates will come.