Live action King of Fighters movie

Hong Kong action director Gordon Chan (“The Medallion,” “Fist of Legend”) is to direct an English-language, live-action adaptation of best-selling videogame “King of Fighters.” Pic will lense in Asia in first quarter of 2008.

Pic will be jointly financed by Japanese production and rights management group Micott & Basara and Australian-U.S. sales agent Arclight/Easternlight.

Concept is owned by SNK Playmore group and been released as 30 arcade, computer and home console games since franchise was launched 21 years ago. Screenplay is being written by “Fearless” scripter Chris Chow.

Production is by Axis Entertainment’s Joseph Chou (currently producing upcoming “Appleseed: Ex Machina”) and Tim Kwok of L.A.-based Convergence Entertainment (“Wicked City”.)

Are You Ok?

Think about emo Spiderman from 3 with dyed red hair. Toby Maguire for Iori Yagami.

I better see some ass-kicking feminine-looking men as Iori and Benimaru (and there’s a TON of them in Japan who have martial arts backgrounds), or so help me…in fact, if I see a single non-skilled caucasian cast as an asian character, this movie will = fail for me. I don’t want a movie filled with “who’s currently hot in Hollywood”. I want a movie filled with people who actually look like the characters, and have actual martial arts skills, not some “un-morphed female power ranger fight scene” moves (no skill, awkward and feeble-looking punches and kicks, and lame wire-asisted moves, in case you weren’t sure what I was talking about). They better not fuck this up.

did you even see the medallion…that man loves his caucasions. lol.

this movie will be ass purely on the director standpoint.



Fuckin’ Dead Or Alive…better not happen again.


I ready don’t have high hopes for this since I can only imagine the crappy effort Hollywood would put in this.

21 years? :confused:

fist of legend, isn’t that the jet li remake of bruce lee’s fist of fury? both of those movies were fucking great so i’ll check this shit out for sure.

once again…i remind u of the medallion.

that movie was full of more holes than swiss cheese.

For official info

Kotaku link to some interviews. I like how they didn’t show Kyo. I’d be embarrassed also.

Doomed to fail. What I notice is that the license that film makers take with these brands is always way off. Fighting game stories are always weird and convoluted; by why do the same thing while going in a totally different direction — might as well stay true to the weirdness. If anything I wish they would just make a plot and themes that people could understand and not use too many characters.

But I guess not. Worst casting probably has to go to Kyo and then lol Rugal.

Ray park would have been a PERFECT billy kane… why have him as rugal??

I wonder who else they could have chosen to play Rugal? (

No Cynthia Rothrock as king? No King in the movie at all? Movie will fail. Weak sauce repulsor field engaged.


Question is, will it be more of a fail than the SF/DBZ movie?

maggie Q playing Mai?? idk about that one

So, I hear that a certain movie dvd rip is available on the internet…
A friend has described it as a Z-movie. (as opposed to a B-movie)

sigh Stop reminding me this exists.

Im still in shock that SF made more money than DBZ, this movie will even worse than both of those movies.

At least they’re pronouncing the names correctly.