Live alone?


Alright. I’ve been living off in an apartment with a former office mate of mine. We moved to an apartment close to my work during the time we were both new to the office. Anyway, it’s been 5 months and he eventually resigned from the office. Anyway, we decided to be roommates for the most logical reason, to help pay bills and that shit is ok but our apartment isn’t as “roomy”. We only have one bathroom.

Now, after he watches porn on the net or looks at chicks at facebook, he locks himself for about 20 min after. Eventually i will hear a loud splash on the floor before he leaves. So what does this all sound like? He’s masturbating. Since both of us are unfortunate to only have one bathroom, it’s likely that the bathroom floor that i stand on (when i take a shower) has been jizzed on. Sometimes, he is even so careless that i see an open bottle of coconut oil just right below the soap, with strands of pubs near the gutter. It’s disgusting.

So next, besides the masturbating and stepping on jizz he later brings over some of his college friends. About 2 girls and 4 guys. The 2 girls where ugly so don’t ask and one of the 4 guys was a tranny. It’s annoying to eat dinner with them due to them being loud, not funny, and some of the topics they talk about. Now as they where talking, i was in the bathroom to take a small shower, but for some reason i stepped on something that felt like a droplet of shampoo. Of course it wasn’t. Now i didn’t take a shower after that, but as i was there. The tranny. was talking about his day and how he didn’t get a job because of being a cross dresser… “this is just the way i am, are they trying to be moral? lolol”. I mean of course, the tranny is obviously an Atheist… serious atheism will either lead to Communism or being a Transexual. So you can probably use your imagination on what angst words that guy was using when he was talking about his application getting a rejection. Don’t take me wrong, i didn’t slaughter the guy… like what i’ve normally done in the religion threads (hence being undefeated) but i just kept that negative energy stored in me.

Bottom line is, my roommate and i can’t get along. I can’t just leave either because of work and all that… currently right now he’s masturbating in the bathroom. Have any of you experienced bad room mates, and what did you do?


Tell him to clean up his jizz.

Failing that. Jizz on his computer.


I did. I said “can you clean the floor up a bit it looks a bit gross…”

He always replies “sure next time”.

I will not jizz on the computer because i use it as well.


Jizz on his car keys?



Seriously though, how does it feel to step on them jellyfish?


Eww talk about baby slippers! Hustle hard and get your own place.




I don’t masturbate. I have this “thing” about me that hates doing it. I don’t like having to imagine myself lucky… i just don’t.


There was a time where i almost got into the habit of masturbating, and the first time i went to a hoe house I had a hard time getting erected so from there i cut that shit out.


Geez, I had countless problems with room mates in college. Sounds nuts, but can you just move out to your place?


Don’t ask me how I got this but I was just sent this picture of the semen of the crime.



Angelpalm comes with the quality once again.


if it’s a 2 bed 1 bath, tell him to fap in his own fucking room. GD isn’t livejournal. Though if he comes here and makes a thread about how much spunk he left on his roomie’s shower floor, i’ll be inclined to take back what I said.


Damn… and I thought my situation was bad. Don’t you love having to live with other people?

Depending on what state you’re in you’ll have to make a small fortune just to afford to live on your own.


That is just. damn…

Yeah. I can relate.

I would like to know a bit more on the psychology of masturbaters and porn lovers. People think not enjoying these two things are gay, however honestly it’s really pleasuring watching some guy get luck or imagining yourself getting lucky with some chick(s) you are attracted to?

No one has the “Damn it!! it’s imagination” alarm going off?


GD is my dome. I make threads out of will out of my own wants. Doesn’t mater what the GD is in purpose, the fact is my threads (from past to present) became what was positively known from the GD. You took my name and respelled it and that name when said in the minds of the rest here will only vision me -my great threads and my 6+ undefeated record in religion threads.


no, you’re the imposter


Quality animation here


Your roommate has an addiction problem if he has to lock himself in the bathroom for 20 minutes instead of fapping in his own room. Nigga needs to cut that shit out.

This, I’d like to know as well. The act itself is natural, but some people get too open with it.

I remember being out with a bunch of friends one night and one of them told a story about their college orientation. As soon as he got to his room with his roommate, his roommate whipped out his dick and started jerking off. What made him think my roommate would have been cool with that?

Here are some suggestions if you want to be a roommate from hell, a petty one at that. As aforementioned, jizz on his belongings and block/delete the porn on his laptop.


be a man and tell your roommate to cut that shit out or you’ll kick his ass