[LIVE EVENT HAPPENING NOW] Plaza Capcom Cup 3on3 Grandfinals (With Stream Link)

Thats the stream link. (quality is kinda bad though still watchable for me)

Kim1234 is in this tourney, teaming up with Zangitan and AC Revenger, if im not mistaken.

So the winner of this event will automatically qualified for the 1on1 tournament on the 28th where the winner will get to qualify for SBO (winner gets to pick whoever partner he wants).

lol that kazunoko hax

Ojisan’s team – yang, yun, fei long.

lol cheapest team evar

Hopefully Kim get to beat Ojisan to make it to the grandfinals vs team nekojita, kazunoko n ryokke

edit: ah too bad, ojisan’s Yang is too strong.

grandfinals team ojisan vs team nekojita

That’s a broke team ojisanboy is on.

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nekojita’s team is pretty broken too with kazunoko yun and ryokke fei long… and his abel is on another level…

Final Results

Team Nekojita won.

good stuff, the highlights from the link are up and nekojita was very good against ojisan. never saw his abel in vanilla, but its good he stuck around as all the other abels i knew then seem to have dropped him. hard to find abel matches these days:(