LIVE Final Round 9 updates!

Since the Best Western here has FREE wireless internet, I’ll be doing my best to give FREE live updates throughout this tournament.

So far, it’s been GREAT. The hotel is within walking distance of a bunch of food places, namely a very tasty waffle house. It also has lots of A/V connections on every TV, a MINI FRIDGE in each room to keep soda cold, and a WORKING, CLEAN SHOWER with HOT WATER! Oh yeah, did I mention the free wireless internet?

Besides that, Friday was pretty fun. Groups of players arrived slowly but surely, and the hotel staff set it up so that most of the gamers’ rooms are right next to each other. Last night we had MvC2/3s/CvS2 rooms all right next to each other, so everybody got a LOT Of practice in.

Noteable players who are here:
Lay, Alex, Shinshay and Fubarduck from Texas, and I heard Crow is here too
VDO and a few of his buddies
Isaac Graham and his NC crew
JET FUCKING PHI aka Phi who previously ran ECC
of course the man, the myth, the legend JUSTIN WONG is here, walking around with a NOTEBOOK full of his money matches so that he doesn’t forget, and he is calling peeps OUT!
Magneto-X and Vegita-X are both here
and of course myself, the king of hate.

Interesting occurrences:

-Already, even in casuals, everyone’s custom joysticks and MAS sticks are hinting that they will give us “blue screen-itis” during the tournament by momentarily blinking blue during casuals matches of MvC2. Uh oh…
-Some hotel rooms seem to have remote controls that work, while other’s don’t…I had to go down and get another one from the front desk and the fucking thing still won’t select Video Input so I can play DC…
-There is a really weird 3s cab that has see-through blue buttons, that are HARD to press, feels like the springs are so fucking tight its ridiculous. Also whatever the surface area of the cabinet is made of, it makes everyones hands sweat like crazy, ew…
-There is a head-to-head 3s setup but both screens are kind of messed up…not sure how that will effect the tournament.
-There is a 2nd impact cabinet, wtf?
-ALL games are on free play so everybody is getting some casuals in.
-There is some guy who brought a large high def TV, his Xbox 360, and DOA4. Everyone keeps walking up and saying “hey can i play?” but the guy replies “This isn’t open gaming, I brought this shit so I’m playing no matter what!” He refuses to get off the fucking game, wtf? What kind of a douche goes to a tournament and then refuses to let others play? If you want to do that, stay home and play over Xbox live, you fucking dickhead. So far he’s be on for over 90 minutes and refuses to get off the game, even when he loses repeatedly…

That’s it for now, right now Phi is busy fixing joysticks and they are making the brackets and getting ready to start MvC2/3s/SCIII/Battle colloseum.

More updates to come!

Hell yeah Jet Phi wadup fool!! Wadup Crow show Nebraska some love.

Good Luck
Simon n Jamarr

wtf could u find out who the guy is whos being an ass over doa?

been here since last night and saw all da kats: taz, lu,
stylesP,rod rob burst where r you? we purple’n and BC’in it up.mad games
mad friends mad FUN thats FR9

Here we go with our first results:

MvC2 top 16! These 16 players qualified for the new, reset bracket, so all losses are reset and everybody starts fresh. The top 16 are:

  1. Patrick “Vegita-X” - LA
  2. Chris “Magneto-X” Crece - LA
  3. Isaac FUCKING Graham - NC
  4. Phil “DSP” Burnell - CT
  5. TAZ - KY
  6. Alex G - FL
  7. Gunslinger - SC
  8. Dereklearnslow - Chicago
  9. Eder - FL
  10. Henry - LA
  11. Sorry Ass Hell - ?
  12. Justin Wong - NYC
  13. Vercette - FL
  14. Mister ED - FL
  15. 50 More Cents - ?
  16. Kevin - FL

This new bracket will start in approximately 20 minutes.

Third Strike is coming along well, but there are a ridiculous amount of entrants (something like 80-100) so it’s going slowly. So far they are into the third round of winners and something like second round of losers…

Guilty Gear Slash as well as Neo Geo Battle Colloseum are also being played, I will have results for those when they finish.


Goodsh!t DarksydePhil!!!.. I just gotta keep posted! If you can please send a couple of pictures and I’ll post the on DFP along with your reports!

send pictures to

P.S. I just made a draft of the post on DFP… (It exactly everything you posted acredited to you.)

But in you next report can you answer a few questions.

What is the buzz? What tournament is everyone talked about?

What was the best tourney today?

Roughly, how many people showed up?

How tasty is Waffle House?

Who has the coolest stick?

Ahite gotta roll peace…

(Tell shinblanka, I asked you to do this… and he will be more than willing to help you out)



MvC2 is down to final 6 - Justin Wong and Isaac are in winners and will be fighting winners finals soon.

In losers we have Dereklearnslow who will have to play Alex G, and Kevin will have to play Magneto-X.


By far, the most exciting match of the night so far just happened. It was Kevin vs. Isaac in an MSP CHALLENGE. What they decided to do for the final 8 was go to 3 out of 5 games, and Kevin SCRAPED Isaac the first two in a super-convincing fashion. Isaac was also losing the third game but then made an amazing comeback, and then finally with the clutch came back three straight to win it and make it to winners finals. WHEW!

In other news, Alex G was actually the winner of Guilty Gear Slash, and has to go off to do some radio interview? about it, so his matches are being held up. Right now, Kevin and Magneto X are going to play…

3s continues but they are only in the fourth round…

Florida keepin it real!

Final MvC2 results:

  1. Justin Wong (never sent to losers)
  2. Isaac Graham
  3. Magneto-X
  4. Dereklearnslow
  5. tie: Alex G
  6. tie: 50 more centz

The others from the top 16 did not make it to top 8.

3s is still going strong, into the 5th round of competition now.

Neo Geo Battle Colloseum: nobody seems to know the specifics on names, but apparently two players from North Carolina got 1st/2nd and then Jeron from NYC got third, and then another NC player got fourth.

I HAVE SEEN THE PIMP CUP! I am now inspired to play ST tomorrow and win to get one for myself…

In other news, there is a round-robin MvC2 3v3 tournament going on right now.

good shit issac!!!

Here is the list of the 8 players still in winners in 3s:

flash metroid
june ro
alex ennis
shinshay (eric lee)

justin wong and epsilon are about to play for the last spot.

there are still a LOT of players in losers so im not listing all of those…

Any idea which character Garvin used to win Slash? Dizzy? :confused:


  1. Alex G. DI
  2. Kensou CH
  3. Stone JO
  4. Cue ED
  5. Heidern KY – Chaz IN


  1. Justin
  2. Crow
  3. Fubarduck
  4. Jmar
    5 Exodos – Shinshay

Damn and who said Dizzy was Low Tier in Slash!

Damn Peter in Top 8 Winners Bracket in 3S GOOD SHIT!

Richel better come back in the Losers.

Nice Job Jeff “Heidern” 5th in Slash!

Florida is Fuckin Sick!

People’s Champion represents! Nice work! :tup:

Huh, guess Dizzy still has the goods to get things done.

Good work Garvin.

NC representing in MvC2 and NGBC. Nice.

this sucks man i live about 25-30 mins from FR and i still cant make it. anybody playing tenka there?

Go for it Exo/Shinshay! :tup: