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Chicago, IL

Where? Crowne Plaza Chicago-Northbrook. Same hotel as the last two years.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Default settings, except Auto Super Jump which will be set to OFF. 3 out of 5 games (entire tournament until grand finals). At either player’s request, matches will be played on the Bonne Wonderland stage. This request must be made before the match starts. Loser may change characters/assists. Winner cannot change characters or assists. Both players may alter their order by holding A1 or A2 during loading.

Alright…this is a really big deal for me.

As much as I complain about the easy mode hit confirms and XF still lasting too long…I think the BIGGEST issue with this game is that with those factors involved 2/3 is just not enough to determine who really played better in a set. After watching curleh mustache it’s clearly evident to me any way that 3/5 can at times go by just as fast as a 2/3 of SFIV and with the way SFxT is going…I’ve seen 2/3 matches of SFxT on the regular that take LONGER than 3/5 of this game. KOF13 can really drag out 2/3 also.

Which pretty much has me believing that a 2/3 of this game is like one match of SFIV at SBO for the Japanese or something. If you account how fast things go by and how XF pretty much speeds up the match and takes a lot of the player element out of the match until it runs out. I would assume SBO (Super Battle Opera) is doing teams for this game as that’s the only way it will begin to make sense if they only do one match per player.

If I had the money I’d go out to this just to support 3/5 regardless of how well I do at the actual tournament. I think the game is much more interesting and thought out when people actually get to fight each other longer than 2 minutes. The game naturally just does not allow you to fight as long as you did in Marvel 2 due to the engine differences so I like 3/5 as the best way to get the players to interact more without changing how the game works fundamentally. Especially considering it takes up no less time per match on average than SFIV and SFxT 2/3 most surely usually takes longer.

**Anyone who’s in the area or anyone outside of the area who loves the game and wants to support a real set of this game in tournaments like Curleh Mustache FOR ALL TOURNAMENTS…get out there. **

** I want this tournament to be the precedent for all other local and major events for this game to be standard 3/5. Especially with SFxT out now it’s pretty obvious this can be done because that game is gonna take a MINUTE 2/3 any way. **


I’ll be there, but I haven’t decided if I’ll even bother to enter Marvel. I’ll give some consideration to entering just to support the players that want to play the game competively, since I do enjoy watching it. But I still don’t think 3/5 is going to help deal with the games mechanics. You need at least first to 5 for this game to be competetive imo. Honestly I still believe lowering the damage is the best option.


What’s with that…?

3/5 is a step in the right direction, but I think it should be a bit higher than that. Even 5/9 matches would not take longer than half an hour (assuming 3 minutes per match, 9 matches, 3 minutes of total time between matches), which by games outside of fighters is a pretty short time and would make a much more interesting spectacle to watch.

In terms of competitive play, though, 3/5 is definitely reasonable. Higher than that would be nice for watching though.

Neither damage nor mechanics are an issue.

It’s just that in a game with this many characters and different possibilities, first to 2 is a little narrow for showing whether or not you can counter some specific team, for example. There’s too much variation to show a contest between players in 3 games, imo.


3/5 should definitely be standard, yes. Even in the UK there have been talks of “boycotting” 2/3 marvel tournaments.


Well I know Keits has vision issues which is to my guess as part of the reasoning for the whole Bonne Wonderland thing (easy to see things on that stage). Other than that I think it’s just done as a preference so you can command a light stage for less distraction.


I have pretty much been a supporter of 3/5 since day 1 of Marvel.

I really think the best way that 3/5 is going to catch on is if local tournaments/streams start running 3/5. I still see the same weeklies run 2/3 Marvel so until the game isn’t run 3/5 across the board at a local level the support for 3/5 is going to be a lot less.


Yeah that’s why I think 3/5 being supported at a pretty big major with one of the most prominent members of SRK of the last set of years running the event…it should help a bit.


it’s still going to be random

you’re just adding another dice roll lol


I consider 3/5 to be the way Marvel SHOULD be played. It does not take that long, considering most good players TOD after a single hit.


The bonne wonderland thing is a consideration for colorblind players. :slight_smile:


What about Daily Bugle instead of Bonne Wonderland? All white teams (Zero, Dante, Vergil, Viper, Magneto, Viper, Doom Wesker, etc) on an almost all white level can be pretty ignorant, it’s easier to find the corners on Daily Bugle too IMO.


I just chose Bonne Wonderland because its one spot right of random select so its easy to get to. I’m colorblind myself (not very ignorant) and have had almost no issues seeing white characters on the stage for whatever reason.


White on white is a lot easier to see than dark on dark.
That might not have come out right.


I think you’re talking about the coin flip side tournament.


The dice roll is gonna be in the favor of the more skilled player in most cases, so great.


3/5 standard matches, 4/7 finals, FTF (First to 5) GF

That’s just how it needs to be, period.

The example I use to support there needing to be more matches of Marvel played in tournaments is Bar Fights.

Real perfect example of why:[media=youtube]Uq1jbwHGaO0[/media]

The only time 2/3 ought to be used is -maybe- pools at a tournament as large as Evo, FR, etc.


Nah, 3/5 Marvel 3 is usually faster than a 2/3 AE.
Folks need to be more accepting of this.


To be fair, i’m sure he would have taken the entire set practically clean if he ran the proper order the whole way through.


yeah but think how dang good some folks are at coinflipping and rolling dice

its like taking a child and telling them to flip a coin while a licensed magician is on the loose flipping coins like a madman, altering the very fabric of reality to suit his needs


Well one thing is I don’t want other games sacrificed just so Marvel can be 3 out of 5. It would be a shame if games like Skullgirls and KOF had to have like 2/3 grand finals and shit just to make up for Marvel. You have to think about the other games, too.