Live Stream List {PSN & XBL}


Finally a great way to easily click on the link you want instead of searching for it.


List should be for PSN Streams only (being the fact that it’s in the Playstation Network thread). And keep the offline tournament streams out especially being that they’re on the front page all the time anyways.

Here’s a list of PSN Streams that almost never get mentioned and people are usually looking for: (Plays mostly Mortal Kombat 9, prereleased random games and does occasional offline streams) Will soon become a 24/7 stream. (stream geared specifically towards playing Arcana Hearts 3). A 24/7 stream (SSFIV:AE, and other random games. Mostly based on viewer’s requests). 9pm EST to 2~3am est. (Does mostly SSFIV:AE marathons). He’s worth mentioning but there’s times where he’ll be at hiatus for abit and then do a 3~4 day marathon nonstop.


I posted the same exact thread at XBOX. It’s a list that contains both. You’re right that tournament are at the front page. But, sometimes, they’ll do a show without doing a tournament.


I myself also stream on PSN as often as I can, open lobbies usually for SSFIVAE and SSF3OE


I’ll review your page and add you to the list.


You should change all of those to twitchtv instead of justintv. and you didnt even add that guys stream that he posted LOL - xUpYourGamex’s Second stream, live 24/7 with SSF4 AE and SC5


He needs to reply here. Also, I don’t need to update the links. If they click it, it will automatically re-direct them to the proper link. Didn’t even apply an emoticons, and information.



New PSN 24/7 stream. Ranging from AE, SFxT, UMvC3, SC5, VF5, 3SO, and more. Usually it’s 24/7 unless something goes wrong. Come check it out and support.


PSN UMvC3 Lobby. Host tournaments too for the players. Thanks!


Is there a schedule to this stream an icon you can provide?

#14 I guess that’ll do :]
It’s 24/7 PSN UMvC3 Lobby. Tournaments are TBA cause of work schedule.
It’s still domdotnineone stream even if the picture doesn’t say it. Thanks a lot!

Accidentally gave you a larger icon. Made it 70x70. The link is correct now.




I host lobbies at random times. Sometimes all day, sometimes I’ll announce it. Currently doing ST most days, SSF4AE starting next week.


hey everyone,

I host live streams from Japan, which contain a wide variety of games from fighters, JRPGs, RPGs, Racers, animes, etc.

I play games such as Final Fantasy, Initial D, Injustice, SFAE, God of war, etc. Tune in for Otaku stuff!!

I tend to host Wednesday evenings and Thursday mornings in JST.

Wednesday 11pm (11am EST/3PM PST)
Thursday 10:30 am (10:30PM EST/ 2:30AM PST)


Hey everyone, it’s Big Z

I host live streams, which contain a variety of games from fighters, JRPGs, RPGs, Retro games etc.

My streaming schedule is currently during the Late Night and Afternoon, starting between 9:30pm to 1:00AM.
Saturday & Sunday is RPGs Night. Thursday & Friday is Fight Club Zalimis paladin
Late Night 9:30pm-1:00AM
Afternoon 2:00pm -4:00pm
Monday : Free Stream
Tuesday: Free Stream
Wednesday: Free Stream
Thursday : Fight Club
Friday : Fight Club
Saturday: RPGs Night
Sunday : RPGs Night
Stay salty my friends and follow my channel for updates and notifications!


How can i play on a stream


Hey what’s up people i do a 24/7 ps3/xbox injustice stream as well as MK9 umvc3 ssf4 ae ttt2 @ open lobbies so join in psn- emperor__hero xbox live- catnip hero


Yo. I stream on twitch but the channel is kinda empty as I haven’t streamed long yet. I stream SF and will stream other games over time.


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