Live stream of on-Disc DLC for Street fighter x tekken all 12 plus new never before seen costumes

Wanna see the on the on disc dlc of all characters including the 12 extra characters go to this link

While I appreciate you doing this, using Scramble mode isn’t the best way to show what the dlc characters can do.

Are you going to actually do anything other than sit on the menu screen?

Here is a link to all the main coverge on characters

it was a stream if people had tune earlier to the broadcast it showed tag matches training mode …etc

Thank you very much for this.

Capcops striked again…

it’s down

But I was having so much fun D=

He was doing it for about 5 hours. Can’t complain that it’s down now.

You were playing with the costumes on? WTF I want to see!

We have an existing thread for this.