Watch the Live stream of MODCHIPMAN’S CHICAGO BRAWLS - SEPT. 12th SF4 BB MvC2 starting at 1:30pm central. Brought to you by

Didn’t know floe would show up… if it weren’t for the ACT i’d be there.

rashad just so you know, you are being well received i keep laughing at your dry ass humor haha keep it up

Congrats on your win Ari!

Hope to you play you online sometime Cannon Spook, your Cammy is Godlike!

Congrats Ari!


i am so mad at GLfree/Spriggan/TonyFree for losing to randomcammy.


Goodshit Ari on the free win. Dan so gdlk.

cannon spook is the blackest cammy ever

Once again I continue my streak of getting top 10 in everything I play and getting no recognition for it.

GG GLB. tactics. Melty players. emptyshiki. orka. craka J.

Fuck Nu

more shout outs comming in real tourney thread.

who watched the stream?

No excuses for the random cannon spikes in the end, that was some straight up Xbox Live play. Desperation FTL

GG to all you guys.

i like this man

Yeah I’ll admit when I look like an ass, lol. I just watched parts of that stream and it is hilarious

hehe im more happy that chicago got beat by cammy


well besides floe…

chicago loves getting raped by cammy in every game

wait you played clammy

Ache Di Remax Clammy

where the results @?

Think results went like this but I’m not 100% sure…

1 - Floe
2 - Spook
3 - Dfly?

1 - Floe
2 - Cracka
3 - Emptyshiki

1- GLB
2- dereklearnslow
3- ??

That’s all I know, fell free to add if you know more or if you see this D, post the results off your tournament organizer.

oh spook actually did get second haha nice job