Live streaming tv on internet - does it exist?

hey guys, I just moved into a new place and we do not have cable here. I’m trying to find sites that stream LIVE TV channels. so far the only thing i’ve been able to find is like clips of prerecorded shit or really low quality streams from other countries. I’ve even paid to download some program that pretty much had the same stuff (got refund so fast).

i’m just looking for the normal cable channels they have here in the US (msnbc, cnn, comedy central, tlc, spike tv, etc.) that is live and in decent quality. I’m even willing to pay a monthly fee, if it exists.

does anybody know of anything? thanks so much.

I looked into this before so that I could cut my Cable TV cost but in terms of searching for ‘normal cable channels’ for free streaming on the internet, I couldn’t find anyhthing that was as convenient or accessible as just having cable TV (at least for free)

But if you’re willing to pay a monthly fee I’m almost sure you could find something.


hulu has some hd content

maybe see if any of your friends have a slingbox they wouldn’t mind letting you log into?

this streams live tv but by show, not by channel, used it for world cup and euro while at work, worth checking out

I use TVUPlayer for live stuff (though channels like Comedy Central are on a west coast feed, so the times are different for me) and Hulu to keep up with other shows I like. I use torrents for other stuff as well, though I obviously can’t explain much more than that here :rofl: