Live Tournament Stream on Saturday

What’s up guys!

I run a series of ranking battles up in Michigan. We’re currently in the second season, which we are streaming live, with commentary. The second tournament for season 2 is tomorrow (Saturday) starting around 3:00 est.

We’re doing Blazblue, KoF12 side tournament, and SF4, in that order.

I’ll post up the link tomorrow. Just making sure people know about it.

Sounds very interesting. I’ll definitely make some time to tune in. Always appreciate people who go the extra mile to have a live stream.

look 4wrd to the link =)

Good to see a couple people are gonna watch :slight_smile:

The link is coming in a few hours, and BB will hopefully start around 3:30.

The Tourney will start very soon!!!

Thanks bro. Looking forward to it. Good luck with the tourney.