Live Tournament Stream on Saturday!

What’s up guys!

I run a series of ranking battles up in Michigan. We’re currently in the second season, which we are streaming live. The second tournament for season 2 is tomorrow (Saturday) starting around 3:00 est.

We’re doing Blazblue, KoF12 side tournament, and SF4, in that order. KoF12 will become a main game at the next tournament, but seeing as it’s just launched we’re giving people more time to get into the game before making it a full price tournament.

I’ll post up the link tomorrow. Just making sure people know about it.

Good stuff, I’ll be sure to watch.

im n

ann arbor oh yah? i used to go to pinball petes every weekend when tekken 5 was the craze. now im into blaz blue

Where is the link?

I believe it’s this one. Saw it on the Dustloop forums.

Online or offline tournament?
Xbox or PS3?


Looks to be offline and 360.