*LIVE*Twitch.tv/c88deviljin01 Today and tomorrow 4PMPST/7PMEST. More Chun Li

http://www.twitch.tv/c88deviljin01 ** Can come by early to see me set up and listen to random music** Most likely will be staying up late tonight.

I played the game a few times at Evo and said there’s no way I can’t play the beta. Chun Li looks the most fun to play and reminds me a bit of of her 3S version so I’ll be maining her. I’ll update the thread when I’m live.

Got bonuses and giveaways for gathering enough donations. No requirement, but would help out and make it a bit easier to get another Xbone and pay for the mod for my stick.

**$100 in donations = MKX Xbone giveaway

$250 in donations = Giveaway of value of SFV (most likely in giftcard or paypal). **

Ill definitely be watching man.

ill watch tonight since im stuck at work.

I’ll be playing but I’ll have my ipad streaming when it charges up streaming your stuff.

I’ll try and check in every now and then. Good luck with your stream, bruh, hope it goes really well.

Sorry about the wait guys. Looks like people are having trouble signing in to the game. I’m just playing some music until I can sign in. I’ll change the thread title once I’m officially live playing.

Just got in and am streaming myself using Chun. Come watch.

Letting everybody know that I’m going to stream as soon as I get off work which is right around the time the beta starts.

Jesus 7pm est time. Ugh

Good shit, i’ll have to check it out.

**Live Streaming Chun Li. **

Streaming again