Livestream Archive of EVO 2k10?

Was the livestream from EVO 2k10 archived anywhere? I know that the match videos are posted up on the evo2kvids youtube channel, but I’m looking for videos that show crowd reactions, like stuff from the livestream did. Thanks!

I apologize if this is the wrong forum. The video forum didn’t seem like it was meant for SF4 videos.

This is probably is the wrong forum but I am just gonna say this: How can it be a live stream and an archive at the same time? If its an archive its not really live is it? Yes I am nitpicking but wouldn’t the correct saying be an archive of EVO streams or fights?

Don’t be a tard dude. If you have nothing to say then say nothing it’s not like your stupid little nitpick was even correct let alone necessary.

He didn’t even say that it was a livestream and an archive at the same time. What he said was

“Was the Livestream archived?”

That sentence is completely correct in terminology.

I’ve actually been looking to see if anyone saved the stream anywhere so we can watch it back like the I playwinner streams do myself. Haven’t found anything so far. Would love to find out if it happened or not.


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awesome. exactly what i was looking for. thanks a bunch!

Sexy as hell.

Nice one cheers.

Where can I find a damn recording of Chris Hu vs Inthul.That was probably my favourite pool match of them all.

I finally get to relive my choking defeat in TvC:UAS. It took more than a month for me to find this and it’s finally here! Thank all the goodness in the world for finding this!!!

Don’t remind me Royalflush. EVO was the first time I had fought a real person in TvC in four months… and it was on the big stage.

Oh and nice try in pronouncing my nick lol