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what happened to this place? sorry if repost… i dont come around here often.
i know many of you proally know what happened in a nut shell, thanks to that person who helps me

what is the next best place to order arcade parts for a Canadian as well?


The legend of Chad Marley - the great betrayer!


He went from being a A+ store to he just vanished and never had anything in stock,and i think his site went down…divorce, drugs, death in the family,the housing market collapsing losing house mortgage, alimony , sued child support…all wonderfull things that can make it so you dont have money to buy stock to sell…or lose lease to store front…health problems…i never found out was my favorite place to shop , was fast as shit…


they stole $30 from me, never shipped the items I ordered, no replies to any of my attempts to contact them…


The 2nd part of your question is

A&C Games if you’re in Toronto has some arcade parts too.

There’s a list of retailers in the Rules/FAQs/Tuturials thread too.


It is sad as their Canadian shipping was very good. No other store has been able to match their shipping.

Also, don’t forget that sells Sanwa JLF and buttons as well.


When I first got into the modding scene, LL was my go-to place. I bought so much stuff from them and Chad always delivered. Once I ordered some parts (ball top, joystick, buttons, gate) on December 20 and that shit was at my house on Christmas Eve. It’s a shame what happened.

Since then I’ve been buying my stuff from Focus Attack.


I’m not sure exactly what happened, but It seems that they had been having more and more issues, until they just shut down the site. Other good stores are

Focus Attack

paradise arcade shop


Time to close another thread I think…