, long forgotten

Anyone ever find out what happened to Chad/ the owner? Great service til he vanished in 2012 with a ton of open orders. Was going down memory lane.


I know, right? Lizardlick was a GREAT place to buy parts back in the day! I remember buying several Full Happ control sets from them. I guess the owners fell on hard times.

R.I.P Lizardlick

Unknown other than Chad ran off with a bunch of people’s money.

He was a dick and conned a lot of people out of their hard earned money. Fuck that guy tbh.

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Lizard Lick was my go to for parts for my arcade cabinet. I was always happy with the service. I didn’t know that they took money without providing the goods when they closed shop. Not good, if true.

I was thinking about Lizardlick the other day , i bought a few American sticks from there and some other parts . was really sad when it closed . Didnt know the guy ran off with people money damn . The guy who owns heart of gaming in london Mark starkey did the same back in the day to people who bought superguns off him and stole loads from CEX where he worked .

The owners probably fell on hard times. It happens. For quite a while back in the day, this was my Go-to place for Happ parts when i was on my stick building kick. Bought a nice amount of stuff from them and the parts, customer service, shipping, etc, was always Great.

Sad to see this happen. Oh well.

Yeah I just hear bad shit towards the end. He even sent me free stuff when I didn’t know what I was doing… such as not getting an adaptor for a bat top for a JLF [I hated the bat top instantly]. I guess it was just that. Fell on some hard times.

Hard times or not, the truth is Chad accepted orders for products when he flat out didn’t have the inventory. He had a negative cash flow, and instead of closing off orders of product which out of stock he took more orders to gain funds. Used that money on personal experiences (probably debs to loans or banks), then ran off with people’s money.

I remember there a stick modder here a few years back (by a few I mean 5+ Maybe even 10+) that conned a SHIT TON of people out of money and even sticks. I don’t remember the username or the exact time frame. I just remember happening and it was a HUGE deal for almost a year, if not longer.

I remember @TS was one of the guys who he fleeced. Which is fucking awful cause I know TS irl and he’s one of the nicest and chillest dudes I’ve ever met. Don’t get me wrong, it sucks that it happened to anyone at all but you just reach another level of angry when you see bad shit happen to friends.

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Thanks, Stu.

Yeah, here is the thread. I definitely still remember.


yeah lizardlick was the first site i ever bought parts from

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Same here. I was suprise long ago when they went bad then belly up.
But I discovered Paradise Arcade afterwards.

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arcade shock for me


Wow I remember this. I remember people literally hunting down this guy irl.

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Damn I just read that entire thread, what a fucker. Still active on Instagram taking pictures with money. Thought Wizard could would have banned the dude…

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Even to this day I see lizardick when i glance at the name lol

While i never had any problems with ll. It does suck for all the guys he’s fleeced.

But between that and Cigarbobs cabinets, in glad i never got into making cabinets for ya’ll.

I had a order running that time, 2 weeks with no shipping information since the new method (products out of stock, order from lizard then they order from manufacturers), opened a p.pal dispute, got full refund in less than 48hrs, the end.

I wonder if he really got the money that people said he stole, unless there are a lot of carefree people out there.

hahah man i havent heard anyone bring up cigarbob in ages.