Lizardlick's diy cases

i have a question.
can you use art’s hobbies’s plexi glass over lizardlick’s diy cases? does it fit?

No you cannot.
The Cases from Lizard Lick are made by Foe Hammer.
arthong only make for HRAP and TE and Namco and Agetec and what other retail.

But why would you need to buy an arthong?
The Foe Hammer Cases already come with Acrylic.

I have a Foe Hammer case, JMD is right it comes with it’s own acrylic.
And it is easy to make your own template with a 300 dpi scanner. Just place the acrylic panel or a tracking in the scanner.
Then in a image editor like photoshop add a circles layer to show aqll the button holes.

I would provide a template, but I lost it when the hard drive i had died.