LK > HP Link?



any tips on how to to it consistently? playing for 2 days just doing the link and i still cant pull it off consistently




Some plink, I just do it.

Just do it.


Also, it helps if you’re a little tipsy. I swear to god. I can pull it off 100% when I got some drinks in me. Otherwise I’m about 75% with it.


I practice by linking consecutive st. lk. Once you are consistent with these the st. hp requires the same timing.


thanks for the tips, plinking doesn’t help me at all, i’ll try the method


The timing I use for it is almost a full second between the lk and the hp so its like this


Works everytime for me now, Hope this helps you out a little.


Best way to do this hands down is tapping the hp and mp after the lk. As soon as you hit the HP hit the MP while releasing the HP. A person who plays with Wong a lot told me this and it has done wonders for me hitting this combo consistently. If for some reason you miss the HP the MP will come out instead and you can still combo into tornado. It is not hard at all and 10 mins of practice will drastically up you percentage of hitting this combo.

Unlike the post from Big Pete there is no timing to it really, it just works.



yeah I Plink aswell. (Which is what you mentioned). Marn has mentioned it numerous times around these boards. Plink plink plink. It technically adds a fram or 2 to hit the link. So if your not plinking and you are pretty consistant. I’d recommend plinking. I have gotten shit ton more consitance with it. and the damage it does is just sexy.


i plink using 3 button - i drum hp-mp-lp. i would think this increases my chance of getting the move out even more


totaly bullshit no it does not! go to trainingroom do it with inputdisplay and understand wath blinking means…


Reaper is right. Though I don’t know why he got so excited about it. lol.
But it doesn’t give you any extra advantage adding the lp. You can plink hp-lp or hp-mp but the 3rd button doesnt register as another fp.


orly. makes me feel better though

reaper needs to calm down




lern i shall


You’re right it’s far easier to have 5 other unnecessary imputs rather than just time it…


It widens the frame window so…it is…easier…



Does plinking apply to any of Rufus’ other tricky links, or is it only for this one combo?

#18 ex tornado c.lp s.lp s.lp c.lp s.lp ex tornado (useless flashy combo that marn did, waste of bar though with the damage scaling)

Basically anything that links into something that isn’t a jab or short. His most useful link other than lk-hp is definitely just jabs into jab xx ex tornado which you just have to learn to time.

PROTIP: On characters who get combo’d by, xx hp tornado (and not xx tornado) you can plink doing hp~mk for 3 chances to combo off the lk, rather than messing up the plink and having them block mp xx tornado.


what is plinking?