LK Hurricane Kick

Is there any real advantage to using LK Hurricane Kick to cross up the opponent after a neutral throw or sweep? Obviously it doesn’t work if they roll after the knockdown.

Also, what about using Hurricane Kicks after knockdowns to close that gap instead of sweeping?

using hurricane kicks for moving forward, when is safe obvious, is very nice instead of dashing, coz u build a little of super bar, its also usefull because vary ur pattern

LK Hurricane kick is sometimes used to get up close for a throw, or less commonly is used to crossup on wakeup. You can also use RK hurricane kick to move quickly after a downed opponent or cancel it from a crouching FK to move over a crouching opponent to escape the corner or re-position.

hurricane kick is an ‘expansion’ move… meaning you use it to gain more space (ie not be in the corner etc)