lk or lp?

Combo lists seem to favor lp, over lk, but I like lk because it seems to have a bit longer range especially for (f)s hk, c lk starter

Is lp faster, or better in some other way?

You coulda asked this in the Q&A thread.

c.lp comes out 1 frame faster making it easier to link after far


For Roundhouse Far into bread n’ butter, I do crouching Strong. Does more damage than Jab or Short.

I do Roundhouse - Crouching Medium punch - BnB or if their in corner thats gets fun crouching medium - light punch - roundhouse

i think it also does 10 more dmg.

why don’t you use cl.HP after f.HK it does even more damage ooohh wait its a harder link… cLP is the easiest and safest that’s why I use it but I’m 70% with cMP after f.HK so I’m using it more.

If you’re gonna use HP, it’d be easier to link standing HP than crouching HP.

EDIT: My bad. I didn’t see the l in cl.

Actually I have found it foolish not to use both. Especially when linking from the HK.

On skinny characters like Shotos or Viper the LK allows you to combo from very far distances. In fact on Viper you can link from the HK from such a far distance that after a LK Tatsu the HP SRK will whiff. However on larger characters like Sagat and Zangief the LK is hard to land than the LP. Also c.MP seems to be less picky against larger characters while cl.HP seems a little harder to land.

I see the c.LK, c.LP, c.MP, and cl.HP as valid links coming from HK and each has its own range.

c.LK = Least damage, best range
c.LP = Slightly more damage, decent range
c.MP = Good damage, short range
cl.HP = Best damage, worst range

Which one you use coming from a HK is dependent on how far away you are. You start to get the feeling for each of their ranges after some practice. All of them are useful.

I plink c.LK~c.LP, for some reason it seems to always throw the right one out based on range. I only use c.MP if I’m trying to fireball fadc after the HK.

Why no c.MK mention? You can link it out of st.HK from so far away that fb cancel wont combo with the other 3 hits. And obviously it goes right into lk tatsu if the range is right

It’s a 1 frame link if I remember correctly. Most of time from my experience, the pushes the opponent too far away for a lk tatsu. The only time i use the after standing hk is in a -> fireball block string.

Because first it is a 1 frame link for starters. Generally if you are close enough to use c.MK for a LK.Tatsu then you are close enough for simpler options. The only time I find c.MK useful is for extreme range which the only options for that is to either cancel into a HK.Tatsu or Fireball > FADC > HK.

If I am that far out I prefer to let the first kick whiff and let the second one hit so I can combo into a c.HK. That way I can get in and apply pressure.

c.MK is the devil in pretty much any link.

Two Things:

  1. Thanks so much for all the details, very useful. I actually comboed -> -> hp.fb -> -> -> hp.fb the other day on Sagat in a corner. It said it was an 8 hit combo so I asume it was legit, but I haven’t been able to repeat it. does the combo counter ever lie? Can anyone confirm that it is possible to combo from a fireball in a corner?

  2. Seems like some people are upset about posting an entire thread about something so detailed as “LK or LP?”, “F+MP then what”, etc…

“Why not post this in the Q & A thread”

(a) because it’s easier to ask, and to answer the question this way, and the information is more organized and easier to digest.

(b) because the Q & A thread is rather random and disorganized with half a dozen questions layered on top of each other, out of order, that may or may not get answered in an organized / helpful way.

© because people can see ‘lk or lp’ in about 0 seconds, and understand the specific question and decide if they want to discuss, without spending several minutes digging through the entire Q&A thread to see if there is a question they want to help with.

(d) because the question and the answers are now in a nice tidy place without a bunch of unrelated clutter.

(e) because 0 seconds is not worth whining about if you don’t want to help out.

If in a year from now, I see someone post a similar question, I will gladly answer it without trying to be ‘really cool’ and show them how nubby they are.

Honestly, we are spending our free time geeking out about frame counts and hit priorities for specific animations in a video game (albeit one of the best ones ever made).

Still, hardly the place to be posturing about how ‘really cool’ we are.

Apologies if this offends anyone, but since this is such an offensive thread in the first place, I’m sure none of those kinds of folks will read this post :slight_smile:

And thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to share their wisdom, and to shoryuken for hosting all of it!

Yeh it’s possible, the link is tight though. I think it its possible not in the corner even (? correct me if im wrong). You used hp fb specifically i noticed, which raises the question does it matter if you use an hp v lp fb for a far out cr mk? Is there any situation that arises where an hp fb iwill combo where a lp fb wont combo because its moving slower?