LK safe slide setup



works (beats or whiffs)
vs blanka verticale roll whiffs and beats rolling attack( counter hit)
vs meterless balrog headbutt whiffs
vs rufus messiah whiffs
vs guy upkicks whiff
vs adon lk dp whiffs
vs yun beats lk mk upkicks ex upkicks whiffs beats ( counter hit )lounge punch and shoulder
vs vega scarlet terrror whiffs and beats roll on counter hit ex barcelona whiffs (not yet tested )
vs gouken ex hurricane kick whiffs


It sounds interesting… is the timing strict?

Personally I’ll never use neutral grab, except if I have U1 active. Backward grab + fire ex mixups are a much more strong tool.


its very easy to time just make sure you use the 2x cr mp
if you get the counter hit youre chance of landing another throw increases
setup works vs viper thunder kn


Very cool… Thanks for these ^^ and nice vids, I watched em all and am ashamed to admit I didn’t know of any of these tricks :frowning: