LK Sobat Hitbox Concept



I was inspired to superimpose some hitbox images to give LK sobat MK and HK sobat’s low vunerability due to a comment Kahmos made about the hurtbox potentially still being far enough back for LK sobat to beat some low options in the footsie game. Here’s the images I got.

Still think it’s useless in the footsie war? Potentially even better now due to still beating some normals at the usual range, but now being only -3 on block? It’s worth noting that Ryu’s box doesn’t extend to the end of his foot (this isn’t Super folks). It’s just such a grainy picture that you cant tell due to the way I hastily cut it up. If you’re used to his spacing or can see better than I it’s actually around his ankle.

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My guess is it will depend highly on what the hurtbox is like during startup, since it’s 12 frames. In that mockup, the hurtbox is elevated near the front foot, but during startup, the hurtbox is probably shifting from normal to there. We’ll have to wait and see.


I’m really hoping that when Brady does the hitboxes for Ultra that they’re more detailed than what we’ve gotten for previous versions. I’d really like this question to be answered by the guidebook instead of extensive testing. No point buying the guide for hitboxes if it doesn’t save some time, right?

My theory on the location of the hitbox for the start up is that it’s resting with the planted foot. So in the case here, I think if you track where his planted foot is as he moves forward you’ll have an idea of where the hurtbox is throughout the animation. Then you can start breaking down who can punish what from where.


We have had hitbox videos of lk sobat since super, and no, it doesn’t work like that. The move looks like that for the only two frames its active, the rest of the animation has deejay’s hurtbox very vertical, and will be prone to getting stuffed now.

Not to mention that it’s low inv has utility because its thrown out at the same time the opponent throws out their low poke, not late enough that the active frame intersects with the button.

What you are suggesting is that the deejay player is throwing out lk sobat, and then a good bit afterwards the opponent throws out the button into the move for a trade.


Why did I look at this? Just why?


Think that’s bad? Look at the knee. The damned hitbox is all inside the hurtbox.


capcom should have given it a bigger hitbox towards the bottom. i’ve had ppl completely avoid sobat with shoto cr. mk before.

that change won’t matter without the buff.

a lot of deejay players already have bad footsies, so you better start finding other ways in.