LKT Roundhouse $1000 Pot Bonus - Sponsored by Replay Lincoln Park (October 20th, Lincoln Park, IL)


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Our monthly, Roundhouse, is back for a third strike!

This time it’s a Replay Lincoln Park a Beer cade.

We’ll have Tekken 7 and Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite to throw down in, along with a $500 pot bonus for EACH game provided by Replay! You read that right, $500 is on the line for both of these games so get out here and show us your stuff!

This event is 21+ You must have an I.D. to enter the Bar

Doors open at 6pm!

Tekken 7 starts at 7:30pm (Registraion ends at 7:25)
Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite starts at 9:00pm (Registration ends at 8:55)

There will be 15 minute grace period for those running late.

Venue fee: $15
Tournament entry: $10 per game

Evo Ruleset for all games, only finals are 3/5
For more info:

16 or lower: 70/30
32 or lower: 60/30/10
64 or lower: 50/30/15/5

-All other information post below.

Please arrive on time if you want to make it in the bracket. We reccomend showing up at least 15 - 20 minutes early just in case. IF you are running late please call one of the tournament organizers and inform them you are running late.

Come and enjoy an action packed night of MVCI & Tekken 7 all in the nostalgic atmosphere of Replay Beercade with tons of arcade cabinets and pinball machines! Compete, play and drink all night!!

Contact or Tweet at us if you have any other questions, concerns or even ideas!

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