LLL partners up with Capcom and MadCatz

LowLandLions has had some very postive experiences in working with publishers themselves and today we would like to announce another deal that will provide us and you with a lot of fun possibilities, surrounding the release of Super Street Fighter IV in a couple of weeks.

LowLandLions will be having a deal with Brizamila, the distributor of all CapCom products within the Benelux and who have been shipping all of the CapCom games to all of your local stores in the Benelux. They will also be taking care of the launch of the highly awaited Super Street Fighter IV release and LowLandLions has some exciting news coming up in cooperation with Brizamila in the next days.

The second sponsor who will be joining LowLandLions is called MadCatz and they offer up loads of gadgets and useful accessoires for all Console fans and regarding the launch of Super Street Fighter IV, they have created some exciting and cool-looking new products that will increase your gaming fun with a very sleek design. They will also partner up with LowLandLions and Brizamila with regards to the Super Street Fighter IV events LowLandLions has in store for you.

LowLandLions also prepared a statement about the addition of these two new and supportive sponsors:


"LowLandLions is happy to announce the addition of two new and possibility creating sponsors. Both MadCatz and CapCom will be joining us with regards to the sure hit release of Super Street Fighter IV and together, we have some exciting things in store for you in the coming weeks! So be sure to check back here for more details in the next couple of days and we would like to welcome both Brizamila and MadCatz to our organisation!

So we would like to welcome both of them, as we are sure that together we can build up a prosperous working relationship with benefits to both of us, but most of all, to you.


Good ish for the fam across the water.
The link is broken so I here is the link I think you wanted to post:

What’s LLL?

Some sort of gaming sponsor I believe. There’s an Am. U.K. Halo 3 team that goes to MLG that is supported by them.

Seems like Empire over the pond
"The LowLandLions is an organization of professional gaming athletes, which originates from the Benelux. Our goal is to nurture aspiring potential and grow the next generation of e-Sports athletes.

Over the last couple of years the ?Lowlands? has spawned a great deal of talent. Unfortunately very few had the opportunity to develop into professional athletes due to insufficient support. The LowLandLions gives both new and established talent the chance to compete at the highest level under the wings of a well structured organization. Based on a select number of criteria, the LowLandLions will continuously scout and recruit young potential, and is therefore a representation of the best the Benelux has to offer.

Our goal is to become an ambassador for e-Sports by striving for its main stream acceptance for the benefit of professional gamers and gamers alike around the world."