Lloyd Center Tilt 3s and MvC 2 tournament on Jan. 7th

Lloyd Center Tilt 3s and MvC 2 tournament on Jan. 7th

sign ups start at 2pm
tourny to start at 3pm

entry fee: $3 -pay as you play-

1st 2nd 3rd / 70/20/10

Marvel vs.capcom 2 – double elimination, 2 out 3 for loser and winners bracket. 3 out of 5 for winner finals. 3 out of 5 for loser finals. 4 out of 7 for grand finals

Street Fighter 3: Thrird Strike-- double elimination, 2 out 3 for losers and winners bracket. 3 out of 5 for winner’s finals. 3 out of 5 for loser’s finals. 4 out of 7 for grand final

3s seeding. samY “fatbear”/ RBX/Anthony"Gossecumster/ jetay "raishenken"
Marvel seeding. Brian J/Theo crook/Zach “Preppy”/me i think

comments/feedback welcomed

ummm what the hell. this is on new years eve. I plan on being blitzed that day starting at like 5:00pm and I doubt the tourney will finish before then. Is it possible to move it at all?


Maybe to Friday? Later in the day?

why is new years eve a problem? wouldnt kind be coller i mean think of it, what if you win on new years eve then it would be a great way to finish the year. im going cant wait

I’d go. But I’m not gonna drive two hours to get my ass kicked. Fuck dat.

IF I HAVE ABSOULTLY NOTHING BETTER 2 DO. sure why not but on the real tip… pass the henn, right samb

Is turtling allowed in this tournament?

Ya turtling is allowed but if u use im going to have to beat the shit outta you for trying to pull off some lame ass shit

Step up and get your ass beatdown bitch.

What do u mean step up everytime i go after you your just going to run away cause i mean after all that is what turtling is dumb shit. Thats suck bull shit they moved the tourny to jan 7th instead of new years eve that would of been cooler but ya ahhh well. But can we plz keep on new years eve?

another thing is what is 3s seeding and shit? and it has all these names what is that? Either way good luck to you all and im gonna be wearing a sign on my shirt saying Virsaga

So what did you place in the last tournament Visaga?

Sam you gotta get a mod to change the thread title. It still says Dec. 31st if you are looking at the NW board.

Oops. That’s the day I fly out of Portland again. Gonna have to wait until next year. :sweat:

aaah good change!, thats great. I will be there then.

turtling is allowed…however chun is not


I’m only 14 and i didn’t know there was a tourny being held and i just so happen i was going to the lloyd center when the tourny was being held and i couldnt sign up but it didnt matter cause i proly would of lost cause i suck with a stick Then i was told by some dude there that they announce tourny’s on shoryuken.com. Now my bro bought me an X-arcade stick and i’ve been practicin with it since the last tourny and i was there watchin the last tourny and those people look like they have the same skill as me so thats why i wanna enter y what did you rank last time?
(yes i got better with the stick i play like as if i play with the control and thats pretty damn good)

Sorry :sad:

I’ll be down there, I don’t plan on winning but I’ll give it my all. The biggest reason I’ll be down there is for some cvs2 and kof2003, see ya all there.
Geesemaster not goosecumster, call me “The Goose”, Black ass Sam.

ugh… are we going to have a tourney for that sometime?
Even though its easy enough to just play neowave or NGBC (next week) on console, and much more rewarding… hell, even 2k3 on console is better than the arcade…