Lloyd Center's Tilt Alpha 3 Tournament

so i want to summit a request to get a [COLOR=“orange”]STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 3 tourney going at the PDX Lloy Center Tilt.
But first i need to know who is interested on this and how many will spread the word.

In order for the tournament to happen, as we all know we need more then 10 peepz doing it.

Simply just reply to this post if you are interested.

if i get more then 20 replies i will count the number of people that want this to happen.

And also tell me the things you want to see change that affect your decision on making this tournament happen.

For example:
-the cabinet is too small
-the joy sticks are to close to each other…etc.

But be especific, so that way i can transmit your guys request to the fellas that work there.

The only problem, with it is the cabinet kinda sucks, I mean concave buttons? and The sticks lead a little to be desired… get that fixed and I’d think about it.

I’d play, but I don’t think there are 10 people that even play Alpha 3 in Portland.

I’d be willing to enter A3 IF it was also on the day of a 3S tourney (gotta drive that 3-4 hrs).

id enter an a3 tourney

I could set up another 3S tourney, but I rather not set up alpha with it because i know no one is going to show up for it, plus the sticks do suck. Also I’d only set up 3S with Tekken or Marvel. Speaking of which, if I set up a Marvel tourney will a decent amount of people (probrably not)show up?

about that…

where would you plan to set up this tourney?
and believe me. If you make the 3S tourney happen along with alpha…
i give you my word people will show up.

I met couple of cats up there this weekend (exact count 6), and they were down
to have an alpha tourney…so if you are worried about people not showing up,
trust me they will. We just need to spread the word.

ALpha 3 is cool n all but not tourny worthy in this era of fighting games over ran with 3s and marvel crackheads. Try to recruit random mexicans and you might get 10+

Hey, I’ve got a couple of friends that would be willing to accompany me in a tournament. So count 3 more in.

Also, if you ever wanted someone to play against at the arcade, I’d be down any day. I haven’t had much arcade experience, mostly just at home get togethers that I just about always win.

3rd strike!

seriously anthony, you need to stop saying the sticks suck when they’re perfectly fine.
youre like the only person i’ve heard complain about them.

a better complaint would be, ‘controls are too damn close together’

which they are.


What’s that sonny?? A3? You say?

old man hobbles out of rocking chair

You know, I used to be pretty good at A2. Yes siree, back in '96…

cackles, drools

I’d come down and show yer whipper snappers a thing or two about that! Lemme tell you about the time I…

nurse comes up and quietly injects medicine in neck

I … er… what was that again? Zzzz…

can u parry in alpha 3?



in the anniversary collection you can.


wtf is that?

no offense but i can name a a few stick that could need adjustment. I use to work there so I I’m pretty familiar. The time i was working there I would be the only one keeping marvel up to date in switches and all. But since then the switches are bad and whenever I wanted to change switches someone would give me a hard time about it or tell me to use switches that are old. The only time sticks would be replaced is like before a tournament or so. But by then the sticks wouldnt be broken into and everyone would have to readjust. Lets see, marvel 1 sticks left side always remained messed up and you cant move backward and could only go forward. I played that whenever i had a odd token but not anymore, no one seemed to care when i did mention it.

To me it seems the only games worth maintaining was the ones that each attendant personally played. so Basically i covered marvel, tekken, and if someone mentioned a switch off, i always repaired it even when i was off duty. The other attendants most likely covered cvs2, ddr, alpha3 but it was whatever they mostly liked playing.
But even now we are given a hard time if tell them a switch is off or stick needs to be replaced.

as for tekken that has something to do with the board, every now and then the pad doesnt work with the board, but that is a game that is like 50/50 chance of working if using a pad. The joystick was once in a while off and we had to push the plug in for the left joystick to work but it always got loose and was just a waste of time to open up board to push it back in, we usually left screws loose cuzz we knew it might get loose. Card reader usually gets a token or penny stuck in it because of some idiot that thinks you put tokens in there. but thats about it for tekken.

heres my percentage on the fighting games that are maintained.

3rdstrike 90% well maintained, switches are usually replaced every 5 or six months or joysticks replaced every 4 or 5 tournies (when tournies were biweekly)

CVS2 85% (when we did have it) switches well maintained
alpha3 65% (before tilt got it back) usually andrew and me replacing switches back then but got alot of complaints about replacing switches.
MVC2 75% we often got complaints from local marvel players about bad switches or from out of towners, and that game execution is really important and when you compare maas sticks to those and u can do infinite fine then you know your execution is not that bad (ie. notice in some portland tourny videos, portland has alot of ground viper beams in the past. those were because of bad switches.) If outta towners say its bad especially seattle with its good marvel scene then its bad. But I was always given a hard time whenever i wanted to replace switches or tighten the springs, i recall one time a week before a tourny i tightened springs because it was soo lose then it worked fine, that someone replaced the joysticks before the tourny and it was crappy again just because i tightened the springs. We were usually told the sticks are fine and had to live with it.

Mvc 1 no one probably cares about this game but marvel always had issues with joystick. But no one really payed attention.

soul calibur 90% pretty well maintained

vf4 90% well maintained.

jo jo adventure was usually pretty off aand was like 50% maintained.

tekkentag its like 70% maintained

the rest of the other fightings i didnt pay attention to unless someone told me something is wrong with it. Thats my take on it, Thats all folks!!!