Lmao XBL hate study!


NSFW: New Research Looks At Hate Speech On Xbox Live - News - www.GameInformer.com


these dudes are fuckin hillarious! hahaha
"let him die so he can get his 72 virgins"

wait for the fuckin GAY one! hahahaha
What the hell is wrong with you, who would ever wanna be gay? why dnt you go suck my fat cock. lmao

they even get a girl***
yeeah… its pretty generic gamer girl blah blah, haha

Welcome to XBL!
they both look like they are gonna cry when they say this shyt!
PS… its gonna stop after a while and they stop paring with you the whities!


To be fair, “Why don’t you go suck a dick, fucker!” could have been said to ANYONE, that dude just happened to have gay in his SN.



Wtf where they expecting? Having names like those were basically baiting.


Of course, if they had used generic tags, they would’ve gotten similar results, but maybe not enough to create a study over. Creating direct bait names was enough to make a case study out of.

And it honestly is as much bait as just using Live in the first place for multiplayer gaming. I’ve gotten barraged with hate speech in Soul Calibur 4 and SSF4. Doesn’t even have to be an FPS, although admittedly, it’s more rampant.


The virgins part cracked me up. That’s online games for ya.


man that editing was annoying. i can hear just fine, i don’t need to see the text and have it scroll across and flip around all crazy. if you have no actual footage for that part of the vid just show some boobs or something. and this is MIT? they should be smart enough to find something better to put their research efforts towards.


Harvard did a study concluding SRK is short for shoryuken.


So many holes, so little time. What the fuck is that shit, amateur hour? Guess I should wait 'til I see the written version of it because the video leaves a lot to be desired from a cultural study.


People online enjoy picking on other people for some reason (school ground rules).
Making yourself different somehow is asking to be picked on (school ground rules).
But not making yourself different doesn’t save you, grow some thick skin and get over it.


I think Xbox live gives people a certain amount of anonymity so that they can say things they would never have the courage to say to someone’s face. That’s why if you ever play with anyone who “sounds black” you will here nothing but racial slurs from some angry kids. How many people do you hear busting that out in real life to people when they would have to face consequences for it? :rofl:


because I have a deep voice I often get mistaken for a black person. Of course the N word gets thrown often and quickly…


Am i the only one who found this funny lol. For some reason the narration makes it funnier.


not day goes by when someone on Xboxlive shouts N*gger! I had to remove my avatar and all profile details because of the abuse directed for being too good. :mad:

Ninja edit: damnit I was hoping they had recorded the games


Yeah I’ve spoken up once in a blue moon…
“All this ‘ninja’ talk, ya’ll know I’m a 6’6 black man built like a Ravens linebacker right? STFU before something bad happens to you - and ya mom’s ass gets stretched out Mel Gibson style.”

I think thats what I miss most about MW2…the comebacks…
in Slogan voice “Hey little boy - you got a xbox camera?”…I was done when the kid said ‘yeah’ - straight catch a predator style…great times.

  • :bluu:


team kill, followed by tea bag…


I use my name, fernando, jus with a few more o’s I constantly get shyt… but Im better than avrg so i can deal with my results
often times I rather not mute cuz a lot of poeple SUCK at talking shyt too… most of them sound like a 6th grader talking shyt…
Like they just found about about, ******, fuck, and bitch and are going craaazzzzzzy w/ it


things get serious when we video chat!


A study should be done on the eventhubs comments to find out how scrubby those people are. I am guessing they are OP scrubby. That means that the scrubs are demanding a nerf on themselves.


the N-Bomb gets used in movies, tv, and music (rap) constantly too, can’t help if it gets around. 8 year old white kid who listens to rap has no clue what black people have went through, and how to properly use (or NOT use) the word.

I love telling british people “yo, can you speak english? I can’t understand what your saying”


These people were asking for it.

If you flaunt anything around on the internet, then you are going to get some shit said to you.

That’s why I changed from Spooty Whiteboy to Spootz (or Spooty) everywhere except for SRK. People gave me shit for being white (seriously…who doesn’t want to be white? j/k). It happens.


interesting study. people are always going to talk smack over the internet(they probably wouldn’t have the balls to do it in person).