Lnear vs. Examu, what is this?


An update on the AH2 main site today linked this video…what in the world? A Google searched turned up all kanji results.

Ha ha. That’s pretty awesome. This >>>>>>>> Vermillion Knights.

Ok…this might just be a concert?

That was… Mysterious.

Is it a game? A tournament? An event?
What is Linear anyway?

Anakron: Vermillion still has higher res characters(I think? looks so smooth) and traps though :wgrin:

Looks like an event, not a game.

But yeah, I’d also like to know who Lnear is.

It seems that they’re the company that’s making Daemon Bride… Except, it’s actually under Examu’s name. This could probably just be an event where they’re showing off Sugoi! AH2 and Daemon Bride… ): SO WHO THE HELL IS LINEAR?!

I read a bit on the event page and it seems like it’s an even to promote SAH2 and beatmania IIDX. but I can’t read everything, so I only assume that form what I read.
Doesn’t seem like a new game to me.

Hahaha, trailer is sooo anime-hype. :bgrin::bgrin::bgrin:

It’s a fan event based around mostly music. Read about it online few weeks ago.

at least the trailer shows some footage of DaemonBride

I would lol if this was an actual crossover.


makes me think there’s more out there. people just aren’t looking for it

I recall seeing Daemon Bride footage that wasn’t just still pictures(like the more well known trailer). But when I went to look for it again, it seemed the video had been removed from youtube(a link in a forum led me to a “has been removed” page) and I could not find it any other place. Too bad.

I remember the demon-dude kissing his “bride” in some flashy way before battle, pretty cool intro animation.
In fact, that was in this examu vs linear trailer too I think. Same footage.

edit: No, wait. Looked again, that particular clip was not in the vs-trailer.

Damn you Orka. DAMN YOU.

daemon bride of course

What did I do D: ?

We can close this then. Just an interesting footnote.

Does anyone have any footage or pictures from the event?
I’ve been searching around, but have had no luck so far.