Loading times in this game

Is it just me or are loading times in this game are ridicoulus?? Waiting for online game is crazy long, but going back into training takes even more time… Is there a way to install it on HDD or something like in SF4?

Yeah it’s fucking stupid. Makes losses/rq’s all the more unbearable.
I just want to get better, and time is of essence in achieving that.

This is me trying to play Birdie’s Prologue, it’s supposed to be a single-player thing, but since the game is always communicating with the servers (for EXP and Fight Money) it’s almost impossible to play this game right now:


Servers seem to drop and DC again like crazy. It seems servers health is affecting loading times even when going into training etc modes which is …


I don’t mind losing so much, but having to sit there and wait through all the score shit makes me fucking furious!

any fixes to this problem yet?

The problem is the game is dependant on the servers, and the servers r shit.

I also think some blame falls on the Unreal 4 engine. Which seems poorly optimized here.

I’ve had the load problem, yes. And I noticed that it affects offline modes as well (but only if you’re logged in).

It’s hopefully just a bug in my system but strangely today my loading times on PC have been extremely long. Getting to main menu / character select in training or ranked takes like 1 minute to 1,5 minutes. After character is selected, match itself loads right away (unless it’s PS4 player).

Everything worked flawlessly until today.

Maybe it’s the region…

I am in Korea, and it seems just the same as SF4 for me. I am also on PC.

It never takes more than a minute and a half to load matches. If that…

Sometimes loading can take more than a minute…
Add the time it takes to find a match, and you can easilly look at 10 minutes between matches.

That’s just insane.

Even offline the loading times are ridiculous, but I find it helps if you sign out of the CFN or whatever.

But you don’t get points for your character or FM and you risk not getting any trophies too

One thing that helped for me, although it may have easily been coincidence, was going into PS4 menu, settings, and turning off internet access for about 5 mins. Then I turned it back on. Wait time was still there but much more bearable (before I kept getting error 40002 lost connection after 2 mins of black screen). Hopefully this all gets sorted in the next few days.

The loading times are infuriating because they seem totally unjustified and unoptimized. Coming back from a match to training mode takes a lot of time even on a very powerful PC.

I wish to be in training mode w/ fighting request, but now I just alt tab permanently out of the game and do other things until I hear the sound of the planet screen.

The part that makes me rage is getting 13 fights last night in a 2 hour span that got disconnected before the vs screen even came up.
so technically I “played” for about 1.5 hours, 30 minutes of loading screens…

Yeah, and I know someone who once put the ranked search on for 2 hours and got…

one match.

Just the one.

It makes me wonder what they did to the matchmaking when everyone was getting fights just fine in beta4, and fast - we have over 300K people in the rankings now, what happened?

Anyone else loading faster now? I am loading back in to training mode after matches and loading into matches way faster.

PC to PC loading is fast, PC to PS4 and PS4 to PS4 is horrible.