Local Battles FREE Thursday Tournament Series - GAME VOTE INSIDE 2/2

Friday Salty Sessions are DEAD.

With the awesome success of an experimental FREE KOF Event on Jan 19th Local Battles has committed to a FREE Tournament series for the Fighting Games Community of North NJ. Our goal at Local Battles is to cater to all types of gamers. We have a growing presence in the FGC and we want to continue to contribute and help the region grow. Now you North NJ players have a home and voice. So what should we should play on Thursdays? Instead of guessing we want to experiment and provide the local community and the stream monsters a weekly vote for the next game. Note, that we can not do a poll within the events section so this poll will live in Atlantic North Match Making. Also, this thread will be a new thread every week as we can not change the the poll once created.

The next game scheduled:

Thursday Jan 26th. Local Battles Presents… Never Enough Marvel 1

Today we are voting on which game for Feb 2nd

Rules -

  1. Do Not Spam vote from multiple accounts< that’s just dumb
  2. Do Not Troll Vote a Game you do not want to play or see on stream
  3. The game from the previous week will NOT be on the Poll
  4. Local Battles and it’s tournament community leaders reserve the right to change the game based on availability and schedule
  5. All games will be on the Xbox 360 console
  6. Poll closes Thursday Jan 26th.

Start times:

Reg: 6:30 -7:30
Brackets start at 7:30> Game on

Do not bookmark this thread, it will be new next week.

What time do these tournies start?

Updated Time.

2012? In there? Damn straight I am.

3/S revival, let’s go

Come out and show your support to a selfless venue!

Honestly, who has no venue fees these days?

The Break! {30 years of Inspiration}

May not make it out to the Salty tonight, but hopefully I’ll be in there for Marvel on Thurs. and next week’s Salty.

Friday Salty Sessions is dead… Long Live FREE Tournament Thursdays.

Hopefully it’ll be a bigger crowd. I liked Salty’s, just wasn’t enough people there regularly - including myself. :frowning:

I voted 3rd strike. which means i’ll probably have to go if it wins -_-

which means i’ll have to pick the game up again… -_-

Quotes, teach me Makoto. I picked up a Makoto stick but I don’t play Makoto.

Vote vote vote! :slight_smile:

KOF looking strong for Feb 2nd.

Can I overrule it so we can have like 4 games?

Showing up for KOF. Wish i knew about the one last week, but will do my best to come to this.

Awesome, hope to see u Thursday Pheonix. Hoot, what is the 4th game?

All kidding aside, I hope people take advantage of this tourney.

^that game is hawt.

Single elimination Viva Pinata? We in there?