Local Battles Friday Salty Sessions


Hey NJ!

Some of you might know about Local Battles through our Salty Battles Tournament Series or Concentrate Series with our much respected partners in the scene such as Chocolate Lemon/8-Bit and Up, 8WayRun, Bifuteki, KombatNetwork and JuiceGaming. We sponsor notable gamers such as NYChrisG, NYWinrich, and David “The Ultimizer” Tyson. We are also partnered for a very exciting major tournament, Apex2012 this January 6th @ Rutgers University in New Brunswick. We appreciate all the love, growth and popularity that the Fighting Games Community has extended to us in our relatively short time.

While there is no question that the Online Net play has created new and exciting opportunities for gamers in this generation I would like to share and remind you all about the roots of all video game communities. You would be very hard press to find a legit traditional arcade in 2011 and all kudos and respect should be given to places like 8 on the Break in Dunellen, NJ, and University Family Fun Center in Philly for weathering through the seemingly progressive downward spiral. 2010 saw a slew of closures of long standing Arcade gaming institutions all over the world and yet we thrive and battle back. While we are not a traditional arcade, we fall in this category as well. Local Battles is a rather fitting name considering that we are not immune to competition of all types of readily available entertainment.

Real talk, we exist, as all business do, to make a profit on the services we provide. However, it is the passion behind the video games we support and the communities we reach out to that fuels us in getting up every morning and providing and creating a space for you - the local gamer. I have very fond childhood memories of my arcade experience and it is the joy in those memories that prompted us to open on November 9th, 2010. You can play on your couch or your bed on XBL but is that really socializing? In an age of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ hangouts where do people actually “hangout”? Is it cyberspace or do we do stuff face to face? Do you aspire to grow and develop as a player out of amateurs and into the pro space? Netplay can only take you so far… one day you will have to get out of the basement and onto a bracket if you want the thrill of completion and the taste of victory. I’m not making this article to get all Drake on the community. butI just wanted to let NJ know that we are here. Every Friday for #UMVC3, #SSFIVSE, #MK9 from 7PM-2AM for you - the NJ fighting game community.

You want a strong NJ scene? Let’s build it together, one Friday at a time.

When: Every Friday 7PM-2AM
Where: Local Battles Gaming Center – 1207 Anderson Ave. Fort Lee, NJ 07601
How much?: $10

Best Regards,

Local Battles Gaming Center
1207 Anderson Ave.
Fort Lee, NJ 07601

I’ll be there! I won’t be able to show up at 7 due to having a night class and all that, but I live about 15 minutes away, and I’ll definitely be going the week after next. Not gonna have any cash left after buying shit on Black Friday!

Session this Friday? In there.

Salty Battles 7 is announced for this Saturday. Session is still on for this Friday for those who do not want to compete just yet.

On average, how many SSF4:AE players come out to these sessions on Friday nights? I would traveling almost 2 hours to Fort Lee, NJ and it would be a costly disappointment if there were only Marvel and MK players on the stations.

Hey Ark,

We could never guarantee a number of players for any game. The purpose of this thread is so the community can gather and form meetups. All we can provide is a place and a time… the rest is up to the local North Jersey community. If you are traveling two hours to come I would recommend that you try and garner the interest of other local SSF4:AE players before heading out or come with a group if possible.

Best Regards,

Jonathan Loor