Local Gameing in Louisville, KY


hello guys. I Am writing this new forum for local gamers in louisville kentucky. As most might know there are no local tournaments in louisville. I was planing on setting up a local get together at my apt . I played in the local gamestop tournament and started grabbing numbers. So far so good.

Please do not even think twice to message me with your number if your not a trustworthy person. Im opening up my apartment and friendship to you for the sake of gaming and gamers in louisville ky.

If all goes well and i can get a set number of players i might just open a local console cafe or arcade. Like i said if you are not a trustworthy person you will not be allowed over for these get togethers or even accepted into the arcade.

If available feel free to bring your tvs, consoles and controllers *and power strips if you have as I only have two tvs and one controller to share!

Some snacks and drinks will be available but please feel free to pitch in anything!

This is just a start, hopefully there will be more to come in the future!

This is a legit AND i mean a LEGIT offer, and the opening of the arcade or console cafe!

You can email me at anquin01@insightbb.com or post in the forum.

Name, number, age, email. So i can get in touch with u

Thank you. Hope to hear from you guys/gals soon.


yo. im down


sounds like a good time

call me up, my name is DJ my number is 502-608-6046

i got some arcade cabs if you are interested in buying/renting some

sf2 ce, sf2 hf, mortal kombat and some other stuff


The first of the local Louisville Gaming is going on this Saturday!!!

Time: 4pm-midnight or later
Contact me at 502-298-0650

If saturday cant work do to work or something else coming up i will post ahead of times.

Name is Cory

thank you


Robbie and I will be there.


Sweet if you have more let them know. spread the word guys. dont miss out on this. hella fun time.


Robbie, Young, Josh, Chris, DJ and ME, THA MOTHA FUCKIN G, so far.


And sugui!!!1


Hello, Ky folk. Come to Ohio.



I wish the KY people would post up. Oh well.


New thread. Give them time.


where is this gonna be at?


Good times, Cory! Get ready for Tuesday, everyone!


You know thats what i do! Im here to make everyone have a good time while i guest ( even tho im getting beasted in sf4 ) But i still allways have a great time.

PHRASE OF THE NIGHT… You Makeing ME Think About Teradactyls!!! Straight EPIC!