Local GGXX#R/KoF2003 House Match Videos

One day a guy brought a camcorder to my bud’s house and we randomly recorded some match videos. Try to get past the clicking, I was using that loud ass XBox stick that you could change the stick heads on it.





There’s more than what I just posted but I haven’t uploaded them yet.

Dp’s Taste Good.

Must Have More.


Feed Me Dp’s!

So quiet on live feed, booooooooooooooo!!

So far I’ve only saw the first match and… erm… the Ky was a bit odd.

Johhny ran into Ky’s DP how many times?! Ky was also using Stun Edge as a wake-up:confused:
Not to mention he had a good VT Loop setup but he RC x 2 into 2 more VTs?! WTF?!
He didn’t even try to knockdown his opponent.

Good thing was, he did grab at some good moments… but they seemed so random.

A bunch of noob bursting, you guys need to check out http://www.dustloop.com or http://www.romancancel.com to check out how you can improve your GG#R matches.

you guys suck at #R

worse than me


johnny’s ok. i know someone who would own that johnny so bad, and that’s online btw.

the slayer was kind of pussy-ish.

zappa and axl were good. really good axl.

and the ky was scrubby as usual :wink:

otherwise it was meh. i’ve seen better online with LAG.

Alright, I’m gonna comment on the KOF matches since I (sadly) never play GG.

You guys look like pretty average players. Not so bad that don’t know what’s going on, but not so good that you’re understanding some of what should be going on. Here’s the thing, you guys are still at that stage where you’re trying to predict all of eachothers’ moves and countering accordingly. Now trying to read your opponent’s far from a bad thing, but you need to learn to do so while playing as SAFELY as you can.

You guys should considering playing a more offensive game. Learn to lay on pressure that isn’t likely to get you hurt and put the fear of punishment in eachother. KOF is a very rush friendly series. Keep in mind that low hops are your very best friend, especially if you have something like K Dash’s jumping D. Right now you guys are doing alot of flying around on the screen, trying to hit eachother with random specials and DMs that are often slow or unsafe if avoided.

Lemme lay a scenario on you. If you were Iori and you had a guy in the corner, would you want to use his Dragon Punch to try and knock the guy out of whatever you think he might try, which is bad news for you if it doesn’t work, or would you want to poke him with crouching A and combo into quarter-circle backwards + Punch to hold him down and not put yourself in any danger? Try thinking like that more often, considering what’ll keep you safer in the long run, and if you make a gamble, make sure the payoff would be worth potential danger.

Begginers in K-FORCEs terms.

Thanx for the comments and tips y’all.

I do have to advise y’all, they’ve just had their internet running for about a month so they’re just beginning to get the exposure to the stuff we talk about. Back then they played pretty decent for someone that had to figure out at least a certain percent about characters by ear. I feel they do got some potential in the future.

Best part was the middle finger scene, but the random Ky dragon punches came close.

LOL thought that was something? I haven’t uploaded that video yet but there’s something much better than a flick.

Hahahahaha---------yeah ok

…Word you guys should of came to magfest and get beat just like all the rest of the scrubs that where there??? they said the same thing you guys said----" I Saw your videos and you suck a GG#R" then it came down 2 da tourny and they got BEAT (-_-). Thanks for the tips tho…and yes ky sucks. Please feel free to leave your comments now!!! P.s i wanna play all of you guys in the next nearby tourny

uh oh…
It’s true though, at Magfest he put up a fight with a nice Bridget.

I didn’t watch the #R vids, but the 2k3 vids were…well, you might need to work on your game some. I don’t know…seriously, who gets hit by Clark’s throws that many times in a row?

How you phrase stuff makes so much of a difference.

Instead of saying “how can that happen so many times?” or “why would you ever use that?”,
why not just say “make sure to keep him honest on that” or “try this instead of that”?

Fortunately this guys a good sport, but being relatively new to the scene (and not very good) it becomes kinda intimidating to ever put any of my match videos online because I know I make noob mistakes (thats why I’d put them up, to ask for help), and the first 5 responses to anybody putting up their match videos is always about how much they suck.

I’ve become better at handling people’s criticism, but when I first started out in the arcade I had no idea what I was doing and the people there sounded just like the responses on this forum. These people made me want to give it up altogether, but if it weren’t for a few people that offered to help, I might have quit.

Back to the topic: Lol after all that, I can’t watch your videos. Keeps glitching out, though I wouldn’t have a lot to offer because I’m still bad at #R and I never play KOF.

No longer just for 3S

p.s. for anyone that hadnt watched them yet, the koF matches are “EY EY EY” videos.

Haters click at your own risk.

lol clark is the shizzznits

Sadly it could be done. I done it soooo many times to ppl b4. Some folks just cant get away from his grabs lol

Dude Pozerwolf would fucking pwn your ass for free. I would too. And you fucking lost magfest to STEVE, who has just about the wrost Bridget on the EC. Not to talk down about him or anythin, he’s a good friend of mine, but still.

Bring your asses to a REAL tourney next time.

Steve?!?!?!?! hahahaha lost um ok

Scrub cough Scrub lets see hmmmmm the only reason i lost is b/c i was playing with a fucking ps2 Pad, not x-box ( not everybody has ggxx for Ps2) Now if you where there when we was playing GGx on the X-box a.k.a Da monster—you and Prozacwolf would of got beat ===pwn==slapp==shitted on. Yes thats what i said. Steve was good till i had 14 wins on him and his Vonnderbarr Bridget…wait wait i WAS Crushing everybody there till i restarted the game. SO till we play each other log on to your computer…go2 www.dustloop.com grab your tv…set it next 2 your computer and practice your ‘‘TEXTBOOK COMBOS’’ you might learn something (^_^).

Better yet if your not busy this weekend you can drive down here 2 South park mall and we can play…i’ll even throw in some free games if ya want…(-_-)/

I love controller excuses.

Um, no you just overall suck.
Yes, I know you can’t determine someone’s skills just by watching vids of them play… but um… you make it look tooooo obvious unless you were just making joke vids.

Usually when people use a controller/different format there not used too, you usually see them try to attempt combos no matter the cost. You didn’t even do shit on wake-up, I mean fuck I could even do wake-up moves on Xbox Live (yes, with a xbox controller).

Uhhhh… I can at least play decent on a xbox controller, it won’t hurt me too much going from xbox to ps2 (so you might wanna stop with that excuse).
And yeah, I kind of doubt you can take me out, let alone GunflameBuri.

BTW: Where the guys that give the info on dustloop.com, so your gonna learn from us.