Local London SF4 Players

I was wondering if there are any ** London Players** located around Islington OR anywhere near West End.

Reason being… There happens to be this Casino Arcade located by Tottenham Court Road
(if your from Islington or any where near West end you’ll know where Im talking about)

If you go to Google Maps and type in Goodge Street Station and just select from **Tottenham Court Road tube station ** and then select ** Walking ** it will show you a route of how to get there which is pretty straight forward

So as stated above I was just wondering if there are any players around the areas I mention, so that they could just leave a brief introduction or anything at all so I can know who they are and maybe we could meet up there one time and have a couple games.

Plus its a great way to meet new people who have the same interests as you, you could make some new friends… enemies at that :bgrin: (sorry lol) OR find people who you could then make a small team with.

Another thing is like me who has not yet had any experience outside my house OR off of the XBOX, going to this Casino Arcade could produce some great experience, skills and tips in becoming a good SF4 player or whatever other games you may have interest in.

But yeah this is why I made this so if your interested then just holla and just leave a bit about yourself and hopefully… just hopefully we’ll get a few people on here :bgrin:

hopefully, just hopefully you will find the regional matchmaking forums.

Yo maaaaan, check THIS out :cool:

nope i didnt check i came straight hear decide to post this _ Flipping A** &%??

plus ive check NE i think their who forum system is just terrible there’s hardly any new post or replies from members

yep that makes the system terrible.

better to star anew here.

yeah but im getting no luck =[


Neo Empire is the site that all the top English players use. They all play in Goodge St. Casino on Friday nights.

Head down there and you’ll get to play them.