Local mas stick controller cord repair in Norcal?


hey guys,

i got my MAS stick’s PS2 controller cord fixed about a month or so ago, when i was in socal. unfortunately my stupid ass cat chewed through it, and i want to get it fixed but i don’t want to send it down to MAS systems because they’re in LA and it will never come back. anyone around here looking for some work? i’d love to get it fixed. PM me or respond to this thread if you can do it.



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On my MAS the actual cords look original. You may either be able to find a cord or buy one. Open the bottom and check the PCB. He makes his own and then just plugs in whatever cords you order. So my PCB has Playstation, Saturn and N64. I didnt get the N64 so that chip isnt there but the cords are just plugged in.

Check it out.


where are you?