Local matches, kelowna, bc


In town for the summer for some work, any one up for matches?


im here all year for school, need sparing partners, anyone know of any sf4 locals?


I used to live in Kelowna for a bit, never found anything. Best of luck though. I suggest trying to make trips up to Vancouver if at all possible.


I’m here in. kelowna for school as well looking to play some mvc.give me a shout.

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hey im just bumping this thing to see if anybody notices it. im looking for ANYBODY to basically play ANYTHING atm (although i favour SSF4 and UMvC3)

dont make me come and hunt you all down!!! im in vernon btw. message me if you are interested.


Hey Okanagan! I usually come home a few times a year and sooometimes I have time to get some games in. Other players-who-have-SRK-accounts that I know of in the valley are Lib3r4t3, Bamesy, and CakeWasBannedd.


just posting in here since i notice we are getting views (albeit very slowly) but no new posts at all.

there is a small group of us who are having regular meetups in winfield at the moment. not big enough to call a scene yet but we are trying to expand which is proving very difficult atm.

if you are in the area send me a message and i can pass on the details for you! everyone is welcome!


Hah, well almost a month since the previous post. Well, I’m in Kelowna and am looking for some meaningful matches. Anyone interested please feel free to send me a message, and we’ll see what comes of it. Oh, yes, I’m a SSFIV AE 2012 player. Not interested in SFxT or UMvC. Sorry. I play Zangief, and am picking up Hakan. If anyone has suggestions for casuals in the Okanagan area, it’d be greatly appreciated.


Hey, I just moved to Kelowna for the summer and would like to find some people to play with. The past few weeks I’ve really only been playing Skullgirls, but I play UMvC3 and AE 2012 a little bit as well. If anyone does casuals or wants to get a few games in, send me a message. I was here two summers ago and was under the impression there was no one to play against, so it’s good to see there’s at least a thread now and a few local players.


I’m visiting kelowna right now and I was hopeing I could find some people to play AE 2012 to kill time. Message me up if your interested cause um well I’m hurting for something to do and would apreciate it.


i shouldve done this sooner really check out these links there is a facebook group for the players i know of so far in kelowna area



i would totally be down to play skullgirls, i can still play 2012 as well but i am a bit rusty. my main prob is i dont drive and the only way to get to kelowna on a weekend is the greyhound which is crazy slow/expensive/inconvienient for me a lot of times.

im sure theres more people out there but its just finding them is a problem.