Local NYC Tournaments in 3s, CvS2, NGBC, VF4. and GGXXS Aug 25th and Sept 1st

NYC 3S, GGXXS, and CVS2 Tournament.

here are the pics from the last casual friday -

Anyways guys I wanna plan a BIG Casual Friday for the the 2nd week after evo. I wanna hold some tournaments and see what we can get. So for now I wanna plan the following

September 1st - This Casual Friday you can pay 15 bucks and stay until 4 am. If you wanna stay til 1am its just $10

Times and Rules of the tournaments

All Pots are split 70/20/10
Sign ups are from 5pm ( opening of casual fridays ) - 6:50pm

VF4 Tournament - ( Cancelled until Shag is able to attend)**

GGXXS Tournament - details coming from Shotokan.

CVS2 Tournament - 7:00PM
[]Double Eliminatiom
]2 out of 3 per match; Loser Bracket is One match.
[]Until they lose a round you cannot change your character.
]Entry fee - $2 per person

3s Tournament - 9:00PM ( depends on if cvs2 is finished by then but we will start appox. here)
[]Double Eliminatiom
]2 out of 3 per match
[]Until they lose a round you cannot change your character.
]Entry fee - $5 per person (since a lot more ppl enter I will up this for a bigger pot)

If these tournaments work out I can convince my boss to hold them on a seperate day from casual friday and have 300-600 bucks for first. Thats just for a local. Show your support everyone.

As for this friday I hope to see you all despite it being evo but rest assured Alex Strife is here to get NYC console fighting games back on top. Any ideas let me know."

BTW guys…it would help if u rsvp on my site and get the word out^^;; ( Halo.meetup.com/18 )

Anyways Casual Fridays is 10 bucks at the door and if your interested go to this thread http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?t=113859&page=22 or my site at Halo.meetup.com/18 — do not let the name fool you its for srk people as well.

I’ll see what I can do. Sounds fun. Me and Capcom Killah will more than likely be there.

thanks for the support

Awesomeness…More experience for my Ken, thank you Alex ::thumbs up:: Victory? Maybe, hopefully, I’ll pray, but as long as i learn something

I’ll be there… Only if BATTLE COLISEUM is there. Anyone bringing it?

does anyone ever stay til 1am on lansomnias playing fighting games?

I did once… Only once. Anyway, someone bring KOF XI too.

i dont mean to sound like a noob but where is this place?

Astor PLace. take the 6 train to Astor Pl.

not really but i want to change that…antishoto does at times…and for 15 bucks u can stay til like 4 or something

sounds interesting. I think I have some free time and I rarely enter tourneys.

If they do the lansomnia thing regularly, I’d definitely like to get in on that. They should offer more than just Dominos for it, though. They should get a big case of Red Bull or BAWLS. That would truly be hot shit.

Hay Alex, I plan on coming for the 3S tourney. Just wondering, though, what kind of tourney is it going to be? (Single/double elimination/round robin) and how much time are we gonna have to play casuals?

Well To let you know it is the first friday of every month so it is like this.

Sept 1st
Oct 6th
Nov 3rd
Dec 1st

Those are the Lansomnia’s for the rest of the year. Also they serve BAWLS so do not worry its there for you.

Alright here are the details for the tournaments:

Each Tournament will be a 2 out of 3 Double Elimination Tournament with the Finals (Loser, Winners, Grand ) Being 3 out of 5.

I will start the tournaments at 8pm Sharp with sign-ups at 7PM for ALL tournaments. Depending on turnout It may change but if we get the usual 16 people for 3s and 8 for CVS2 we will start it then with GGXXS being the first one up.

All Tournaments will be on the CRTS so do not worry about lag. I will make sure they are properly ready before then.

I want FREE Bawls after 1am, though. Can they do that? If they did, I’d sign up in a heart beat.

If a lot of people stay then first ones on me:)

but what if i want more than one?

What about NGBC? What about KOFXI? Where is it?

Alright, I’ll be there. One thing, though, how long do these usually take? Not that I don’t love 3S, it’s just I’ll probably have to go home at around 11. I know it’s kind of hard to predict how long a tournament’s going to take, but I mean, have you had them before or anything?

Coolz 3s/GGXXs tourneys and NGBC and KOF XI, speaking of SNK anyone can bring the PS2 port of Mark of the Wolves? hmmmm let’s see for NGBC I’ll stick with my Robert and Mr. Karate and for KOF XI I’ll probably see how i can do with Ryo,Yuri,Terry, and I’ll try the new chars out in casuals and I’ll dust off my Hotaru for Garou…You rocks Alex, i’ll try my damndedest to make it this time, This friday looks good, will NGBC and KOF XI(and possibly MOTW) be tournaments? or just side entertainment?