Local Ohio Tournament 8/26/06

I saw a poster at the subway in the Tuttle crossing wal-mart. It said:

Videogame tournament
Where: Subway inside Wal-Mart. 5900 Britton Parkway Columbus, OH 43016
Phone#: 61-47-17-96-60 for directions
Time: Saturday, August 26th. 2006
Sign-ups from noon to 1pm
$5 entrance fee for each tourney. All fees will be donated to Childrens Miracle Network. It also looks like winner takes all.

Main event: Super Smash Bros. melee 1vs.1
1st place prize is a system of ones choice excluding x-box 360.
SSBM 2vs.2
1st place gets $100 gift certificate
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike and MVC2
1st place in each gets $50 gift certificate

Does anyone seem interested???

wtf, do you know who organized said tourney? This does sure seem like it’s outta left field, no chance of slash ey… :frowning:

I talked with the guy who’s running it today. He said only games that the store sells. Srry bro.

No Dragonball Z Budokai 3? :confused:

Anyone going to this? It might be worth it to beat up on some kids for a free console if no one good is going. :slight_smile:

it shall be done

cool,i definetly think im goin.Well for 3s.I suck in the other 2 games.But heck,a free system?!!I may just enter sbm just for the heck of it.I swear ven,always with the DBZ dude.LOL!:rofl: Gotta love that kid buu.(chickenfat rubs his chin and ponders his power)But yeah,if you at all have some time,your in columbus at least,and dont have anything to do saturday,I ask people to show up.Dont want there to be like 2 or 3 people there like,ummm,yeah,does subway sereve shakes?or is that rallys?Later do gooders!!!P.S they sell dbz3 don"t they?They should hold a tourney in that so I can destroy ven.LOL!:rofl:

                    "Live long and grow fat" says chickenfat

I welcome the competition in Budokai 3. And yeah, they sell the game there so why no B3 bracket. It can even be free…

I agree ven.I need to brush up in b3.Lost some of my “ki” energy on the kai planet somewhere.Gotta get that back to defeat all foes who oppose the earth.(thinks to himself,am i crazy?or a big dbz fan?hmmmm…)whatever.

if chris (ghaleon) promises not to come to the tourney, it’s tempting to drive up and take 3S and hang out with some c-bus guys afterwards.

otherwise, rushdown denjin ryu for the win.

no cvs2 tourney kind of sucks though.

Sorry for the late reply Ven. I talked with the guy there. The store is only allowing one associate to run the event and that’s just the policy. The Dude knew SSBM would be a good turnout… as far as the other two I don’t know. DBZBK3 is on the shelf but I guess he thought the MvC2 and SF3S would have better turnout rates. He said you’re welcome to bring BK3 for an exibition. I know of one other person who’s bringing GGXSLASH to the tourny cause Ohioan=GG^_^

Is this the same guy that ran the last tourny/gathering at the CCAD? Cause if so, he said his next tourny would have a Budokai 3 bracket. I feel robbed. :confused:

j/k :rofl:

wait wait,theres guilty gear now?!!hmmmm…so is that like exibition to or what?And hey ven,are you going to run a exibition b3? I think that would be real cool.Sounds like this may have more of a turnout now.Friggin A.welll,work time.Later do gooders!

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hmm might be worth a trip down to cbus for some 3s, might let ghaleon know to see if he wants to show up

ghaleon? Hmmm… I remember him.The ryu player right?LOL! I see what popoblo meant with the denjin comment now.Thats kind of funny to me for some odd reason.

                                   "live long and grow fat"says chickenfat

i dunno bout goin, reading the prizes 50 gift certificate for 3s, ehh not worth going, id rather play 3s for a 360

Please prepare for the beatings in Budokai 3.

dammit, no results post. who went to this?

The results thread is here.