Local play problem, 1 stick and 2 pads


I’ve been searching this in previous posts but werent able to find any good results. So excuse me, if this was allready asked / answered.

Here is the problem. I frequently play with friends at home who play with ps3 pad. I play with a stick. Not a problem at first but when somebody loses and the other one wants to play we have to quit versus mode until the “start” screen to let the system connect the stick or the other ps3 pad. I hope this explenation is understandable.

if not here a example:

1 --> pad player 1 vs pad player 2 local play versus
2 --> pad player 1 wins and returns to char select screen
3 --> I want to join up because its my turn, but I cant press start on my stick because the system thinks pad2 is still connected.

What is the best way to overcome this problem / issue?

Many thx in advance! :pray:

Change the controller assignment from player 2 to player 3 by holding down the PS button.

thx 4 the quick reply Cryoh.

When do I have to do this? In the character select screen or after the end of a battle?

Easy solution, each PS3 has LED indicators on the top, you can keep these controllers synced while playing with the stuck plugged in so here’s what you do:
For anytime that you want to swap stick to controller or the other way around, hold the PS button on either peripherals and that will pop up a small menu with:
Quit Game
Controller Settings
Turn off System
Turn off Controller

In the controller settings menu, you can select assign controller, use that that on the stick when it’s your turn to play and reassign the stick to the controller number to which ever pad that isn’t in use anymore(check your PS3 pad’s LED indicator in which one you need to reassign). After that, you should have control with your stick to either player 1 or 2 since the PS3 is detecting 3 peripherals.
The only thing that you gotta go into the SSFIV pause option is for button setup and boom you’re good to go.

Anyone know if there’s a way to have 3 xbox controllers connected, each with different button configs, so that 3 people can play winner-stays-on offline without continually resetting buttons?

I doubt it since SFIV/SSFIV are both pretty identical on PS3 and 360. The ideal solution would to have 2 sticks so that nobody would have to go through button config.
On a pad, it takes me 3 seconds to change my buttons while my friends taking a bit to reaffirm their custom setup.

you “can do it” whenever, but to keep things going smoothly you want to probably do it after a fight, at the rematch/select char/quit screen