Local Repair shop in LA

anybody know where is a game store that can repair an arcade joystick

my problem right now is that my strong button don’t work,
one of the wire snapped off.

I have 8 buttons but I only need 6
so I tried switching them but daym the buttons are tight ass hell to twist off

if anyone can help, thanks!

Couple of questions…

What kind of a stick is it?
Are the buttons soldered on or does your stick use quick disconnects?

If you don’t know the answers, just take pictures of the stick and its guts.

its the street fighter anniversary edition joystick that i bought
and the wires are quick disconnectable

If it’s just a quick disconnect that came loose, then you should be able to put it back on. You should be able to slide it back on the prong.

If the actual quick disconnect has snapped off the wire itself, then you’re going to need to crimp it.

If the prong broke off, time for a new button.

You can refer to this thread if you’re going to try to swap the buttons.

where do you get the happ pushbutton wrench

You can goto www.happcontrols.com, but I hear their shipping is overpriced. If you read further down the thread I gave you, it says that one guy used pliers to remove the buttons.

okay thanks, you helped me out a lot
now just gatta either buy that wrench, use pliers, or find soeone that has that wrench lol

just gatta do it b4 the tournament thats coming up


Heh, no problem. Glad to help.

P.S. Hey, I noticed you live close by. Good stuff XD

yea i noticed also… what game do you play?

I play street fighter hyper
im getting ready for the AE tournament at family fun arcade in may

if you order a set of happ buttons and bring me the stick i can install em
ive done similar hacks like that to 2 pelican real arcades.

btw i have that wrench ^^

Heh, I play mostly MvC2. My other games are Third Strike, Tekken 5, and CvS2 in that order.

Don’t order from Happ directly. You can get all of their items for less and pay much less on shipping by ordering from Ponyboy. Look for his thread in the Trading forum.