Location test & Hawk



As of right now, there are no known changes for Hawk but there are still a significant number of characters without updates.

We do know that Blanka has a 50% reduction on blocked ball distance. We finally have a way to get to him now. He’ll have to rely more on geting close which is also good for us.

Please give us a 1080+PPPKKK motion for full screen invincible grab! :slight_smile: :)~


In case you haven’t seen. T.Hawk now has EX Hawk Dive using KKK, and you can use it on back jump. :zzz:

It’s nice, but he needs more. Hopefully that’s not all the changes.

If he gets the buffs he needs, it might be enough to pull me away from Blazblue and Tekken and get back into SSF4. We’ll see I guess.

Edit: Sorry. This was mentioned in the OTHER change thread :tdown: