Location, Voting, Pre-Registering, Oh My!

All of that is now up!

Just a QUICK Note: alot of people are looking at online prices for rooms at Green Valley Ranch and are coming up with $200-$500 a night prices. This will NOT be the price that Evolution attendees pay. Your price will be way more affordable and comparable to the prices of the Shilo Inn.


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Do we get a deal at that hotel? :bgrin:

I paid but for some reason my status still says NOT PAID at the bottom. Also, I assume there will be a refund if the game I signed up for (DoAU) does not make the cut? It seems likely it will not if only two games make it.

What reason is there for only allowing two games? Is it a space/time issue? If 100+ people pay for a game then why not have it anyway, even if there are two games with more?

what the heck hotel is that…man i hope the deal is going to be good…from the looks of it…4 night would run from 800-1000…

I have a question-If I bring my camcorder like I did last time and record some things for myself and a few friends to watch on my OWN TV… you own it??

Question: Will the folks registering on site (Thursday AUG 11) get a chance to vote as well?

yeah those prices on the web in no way reflect what evo/mlg people will be paying. dont jump to conclusions. it will be in neighborhood of shilo prices.

We would own the rights to the footage, so if you ever posted it up on the internet, we could legally sue you.

As long as you use it for personal use, you are fine.

unfortunately no. we have to prepare for tournaments, so we will need time to do that.

Its a glitch, we are working on it. Its a time issue, we will see where the standings are and make a determination then.


If I iddn’t pay for my Otakon prereg, I’d have my prereg done.

(They’re capping attendance ><)

Wait, so this is a 4 day thing? I was going for MLG on the weekend, but I keep reading this starts on thursday. Is this correct?

Tournament actually starts friday, but if you register online you dont have to be there till friday. Thursday is only for onsite registration.

Good lookout :clap:

green valley ranch is fuckin deep and not “minutes away from the strip”


It’s about 10 minutes from anywhere on the Strip. That’s a faster trip than it was just to go from EVO2k4 site (CalPoly) to the Shilo Hotel last year. Except this year the event is actually at the hotel, making it a zero minute trip.

That said, if you wanted to go somewhere “fun” last year, you were looking at about an hour in the car. Whee! This year, the Strip is easily close enough for anyone to head down and kick it whenever they want.

Additionally, this hotel is actually a very nice one, instead of the “Motel 6+”-style they were rocking at the Shilo.

Thanks for reminding SRK that even when some aspect of Evo gets better in every single way (more fun city, far better hotel, event connected to hotel itself instead of a 10 minute car ride away), there are still heroes who can look deep inside and find the strength to bitch about it. We appreciate your important and brave contributions.


Do we only get the room price reduction if we’re gonna be playing in one of the tournaments? Cause I wanna go, but I’m still not sure if I want to enter. And if I go, I’ll be bringing friends with me who just want to go to Vegas and don’t like fighting games at all, so they won’t be entering the tourney or even watching it. Would I still get a deal on the room?

If you say you’re going with the MLG/Evo group, you should get the discount I think.

Will the discount be applied to any room (the normal rooms, suites…) or just the basic rooms?