Locational team tournament #R evo

We throw this out every year, and it always degenerates into “Lets have the random 3v3 tournament!!”, but maybe this year we could have an accurate 5 man team tournament with various locations represented. Not that i have anything against the 3v3 tournaments, they are alot of fun, but the japanese will take it, again. So, this year, in possibly addition to any 3v3 random entry, we could have a location 5v5. We could do the same split of the original, with EC vs WC, texas being WC and MW being EC, or we could split it up someway different?

Possible problems:
-People not showing up
-Clayton hating me and Steve Wonder yet having to play on my team.
-Deciding teams, since everyone is baised.
-Should we have only one of each character on a team? Half of America now plays eddie. Play to Win!
-Finding time and space
-Fat girls who still wear like midrifts and shit, and get this attitute of arrogance, as if they were hot, when they actually look like cottage cheese in the microwave
-Hooking up with your cousins best girl at her wedding.

All of these are problems we will encounter or have already encountered. They will have to be sorted out before this could be done.

What about City vs City, represent. Vegas, So Cal (how ever many cities ya’ll have) Nor Cal (same with ya’ll) Chi-town, Reno, Houston, Austin, NYC, St. Louis, anyone from whatever City ya’ll wanna represent.


I think that if there’s a 5 on 5 there should only be one character allowed on each team. It’ll keep it interesting that way and force people not to whore out top tier. It wouldn’t be fun seeing a team of five Eddies, would it? :confused:

Not sure how many people will make evo from each city for that to work, but we know each area will have reps.

I agree with destin, theres only so many people from cities, and also some people dont even live in cities…

THEY LIVE IN BARNS. Yeeeeeeeeeehaw!

I vote for state vs. state. nevada vs. WUT?! what you got bitches!? ruin/peter/kugz/jp/rob?! fuckin crazy~!

True that, but again problem is, everyone will have disagreements on how places are repp’d and what not. That’s the only reason why I said go with city vs city or whatever place you guys wanna rep.


P.S. If what Paul says with Nevada happens (and I doubt it since some of the Vegas crew will get pissed at me having my name up there), we’ll have 2 eddies in the team.

why not just do regions then(like i dunno maybe 8 of them or something)… city vs city is gay…

It should be APEX regions. Each region can have 2 teams only. No same characters on the same team. That’s my 2 cents, anyways…

Team Renos! Rob/JP/Paul/The Tizzlekage/Hah Coeses.

Team Seattle is down for sure. We got the might of ChocolateHercules showing up this year, so beware!

well what city do I get to be on I dont live by anyone, and I dont play the game… who will take me. =[

the difference is, if you put a very small number of teams, you get something that looks and feels official. For example, East vs West says alot more than neb. vs houston, who takes on albequerque. Why not have a 3v3 in addition/on the side/whatever. But I think if you put it over 4 teams, it won’t be as important.

why not just do the 7 regions that SRK it self has for everything. Mid west, atlantic south or whatever. Just do that, and the 8th region can be japan. THere 8 teams that equals out right? Or if theres like england or some other country i dunno add them to and make it round robin. All i know is city for city is to much i think…

Japan will take it then, It would be cool to see an american locational going. I don’t mind the 7 regions of america, seems a bit many, but if thats what everyone wants to do…

8 regions… What about the Beast region, we need our own team too you know! Southwest, Midwest, Atlantic South, Atlantic North, Pacific North, Pacific South, Northwest, Beastia - 8. Even teams up!

i wont be playing but there to record most of it

psssh, serious gets a team before bestia.

serious has too many damn people, beastia is straight up 3 people atm… we’re still looking for the fourth wonders

i just want to be on a strong team cuz I suck, so a team with destin, or beastia is good for me I think that is if im allowed… ._.