Locations of arcades in Dallas, Texas?

im gonna be short, my other thread about this in “fighting game discussion” got deleted…!? dont know why, anyway, im going to dallas in december, staying at;

Hyatt Regency Dallas
300 Reunion Boulevard,
Dallas, Texas, USA

i think thats the exact adress of the hotel :x the place we’re at were also called “gaylord” something. anyway, are there anyone that can give me some locations of different arcades close by? exact adress if you can, i would appriciate that very much :tup:

im a st/cvs2/3s player so please recommend arcades with these games, escpecially st/cvs2 with some descent players. thanks! /Louie

ehh you going to CPL?

There’s no arcade really close to downtown… Dallas has a shitty arcade scene, better off sticking to CS for the weekend.

CS? hah, NO THANKS… and ye, im going to cpl hehe ^^
but wtf, no arcades close by!? there has to be at least one arcade? :sad:

please, i need answeres… i know there is at least one arcade in dallas… i saw it from some texas showdown dvd…

where is those arcades at in dallas? please help me out… cant be that hard

Here is some

Animation Town Arcade
3880 Irving Mall
Irving, TX 75062

has 3s,MVC2,GGXX,SC2,LB2,Rumble Fish, SFA3, some other random neo games…
like garou etc…
(all japanese cabs)

Six Flags Mall Arcade
2911 E. Division St.
Arlington, TX 76011

has 3s, mvc2, cvs1? and some other random games
(all american cabs)

as far as stuff in dallas, dallas…I don’t know…the place in valley view doesn’t have much anymore…besides Killer instinct and SNK vs Capcom…haha

and there is Dave and Busters and Gameworks…but that shit is way overpriced and doesn’t really have anything good…fighting game wise

thanks alot!! =) hm, seems like there isnt much cvs2 or st :frowning: well well…

oh sorry, Animation town has cvs2…my bad

oh okay, np :slight_smile: anyway, do you know if its far from the 2 arcades where im gonna stay?

Animation town is about 15 minutes I would say, if your right off 35…here are the directions…its located in the mall by circuit city…

So your visiting in grapevine/southlake right? The grapevinemills mall has a gameworks but terrible fighter games.

hyatt regency is downtown next to the big ball restaurant and the green neon lined bank of america building and all that crap… cpl summer is at grapevine… atown isn’t really close to downtown I wouldn’t think… unless taking loop 12 from 35 gets you there pretty quick… I dunno.

okay! :)) thank you so much for the information! :tup:

Gatherings are also an option

I would also recommend trying to come to one of our FREE (YES FREE) Gatherings we host in Dallas. I host one in Denton and Pepsi Tony hosts one in Duncanville as well.