Lock switch mod using button instead of an actual switch?

I’m wondering if someone could help me design a simple circuit. Basically the lock switch mod you’d do on a TE, but I wanna do it without installing an actual switch. Kind of like the start+select=guide mod. But I wanna do it with one button instead.

So what I’d like to do is have this circuit complete or break the ground connection for a after holding a button for a certain length of time.

So here’s the setup of my joystick, grounds are daisy chained, with start, guide, and back as the final links in the chain. In that order specifically.

Say I plug in my joystick

The start button would act as normal, a single press and release would ground the start signal and the controller pcb would register that start was pressed. Course guide and back would work as normal

But, I would like to be able to hold down that same start button, and it would break the ground so that whenever I press the start, guide, or back buttons they would not ground. Thus not working.

I’m sure it’s probably simple with an IC, I’m not an electrical engineer. I can assemble it, but I need help designing it and I can’t read schematics so I need pictures in regular human speak.

there exists spst push button toggle switches. jic you dont find an answer.

SPST 3-Amp “Soft-Feel” Push On-Push Off Switch - RadioShack.com

That won’t work, the goal is to not have another button or switch. But to say hold down the start button for 3 sec, then it’ll kill the ability to ground signals for the buttons past whereever you put this circuit in the ground loop

And there’s no way I’d put radio shack trash in any of my sticks

Sounds like you should just make a cheap 50-cent 8-pin microcontroller chip instead of worrying about the complicated circuitry. But that might not be viable if you don’t have something to program one with.

I’d be fine whatever the solution is, as long as the outcome’s what i’m looking for. Though that’s why I’m asking for help, I have no knowledge on how to do any of this. Though I can physically construct the circuit.

Yup, that would be easiest. It wouldn’t be too difficult to use an Imp board and chip for that purpose, just the work involved coding and testing it.
FA-MAS, you got one of those black Wii Classic Controllers, like the ones that came with Monster Hunter, you’d be willing to trade for the labor? I’ve been meaning to get one of those.

Didn’t realize your sticks were going to space and had crazy requirements for the parts they use.

also, as others said. get an MCU, program, bam done.

Not even a resistor? To radioshack’s defense they do have some useful things like prototype boards and IC sockets, terminals, resistors and diodes and junk like that. I would not totally count them out because you might find some useful items for this project that you would have to other wise order off the internet.

Not that easy for me, again I don’t have the programming knowledge or ability

About Radio Shack. Maybe it’s just the ones locally. Their parts, their workers, their stores, everything. Feels like a cheap Chinese knockoff operation. No, my sticks aren’t going into space. But I do have quality standards, you can tell when shit feels cheap, and Radio Shack’s shit does. I’d rather drive 40 min to our closest Fry’s or order stuff online.

Regardless, I don’t want to turn this into a thread about me not liking radio shack. I’m looking to design a solution for lock switch.

Thanks for the offer Toodles, I don’t have one of those CC’s. Is there anything else you might be looking for trade?

I’m pretty open, it’s just token as far as I’m concerned.

If you’d like for me to code this up, now would be the time. I’ve finished the Imp v2 coding and have the small chip stuff on the mind. The hardware would be the same as a normal Imp, $9 plus $2 first class postage. For the labor, how about an amazon gift card for whatever you think the labor is worth. If you want me to do it, let me know. I do have a few questions about how you’d want it to work though.

  1. Do you want the board to ‘save’ when tournament mode is on? So if you plug it in, hold down Start so tournament mode activates, unplug the stick, do you still want it to be in tournament mode when you plug it back in, or do you want it to always go back to normal mode whenever it gets plugged in?
  2. Do you want the ability to disable tournament mode by holding down Start again?